Skin-deep solutions

The country’s top celebrity skin specialists are switching from the scalpel to the pen, says Sushmita Biswas

By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 22.03.15
  • Dr Jaishree Sharad’s book Skin Talks is a ready reckoner on acne, skin pigmentation, ageing and even gives a road map to radiant skin

Amitabh Bachchan holds her in high-regard. Several Bollywood A-Listers including Ranbir Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez flock to her clinic in Mumbai with nagging skin ailments. And now the petite aesthetic dermatologist — she performs full-scale clinical procedures like lasers, Botox and fillers — Dr Jaishree Sharad, has turned author of a skincare book titled Skin Talks (Random House). The book has already sold 7,000 copies since its release in October 2014.

Her reason for taking to the pen in between wielding the scalpel is simple. “The market is flooded with creams and the Internet is overloaded with advice leaving one confused,” says Sharad, who did a fellowship in cosmetic dermatology from the US and studied dermatologic laser surgery in Bangkok.

Then there’s celebrity cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai whose first book No One Has To Know (HarperCollins) has old 6,000 copies. She says, “It’s a guide about what speeds up the ageing process and how to slow it down.”

  • Dr Rashmi Shetty’s Age Erase helps unlock the secrets of ageing gracefully

In an age ruled by Botox and fillers, a clutch of aesthetic dermatologists are writing about everything related to skin problems —ageing, acne, stretch marks, dark lips, skin polishing, equipment-based procedures like laser and hyperpigmentation.

And, what has led the doctors to switch to the pen? Says Sharad: “With cosmetic clinics mushrooming everywhere, it’s tough for people to find the right therapist. With books, doctors can also help bust certain myths
regarding skincare.”

The publishing world, too, is on a signing spree, roping in well-known doctors to write books. Says Debasri Rakshit, commissioning editor, lifestyle, HarperCollins India: “People are keen to read books written by medical professionals because these are packed with sound and reliable information.”

Cut to aesthetic dermatologist to Bollywood’s stars, Dr Rashmi Shetty, who has written Age Erase (Random House) to help unlock the secrets of ageing gracefully. “The problem of finding the right skincare doctor is daunting. So, I have put down vital information in an easy-to-read format for readers to learn at their own pace,” says Rashmi, who has two clinics in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

  • Celebrity cosmetologist Dr Jamuna Pai’s book No One Has To Know (below)
    is a guide on what speeds up ageing and how to slow it down

On the other hand, celebrity naturopath Dr Nirmala Shetty who recommends natural concoctions for every skin and hair problem has written a 188-page book Beauty At Your Fingertips (Westland) which is about kitchen remedies for the skin and hair. “The skin absorbs more than 60 per  cent of what is applied on it. So, why not choose natural ingredients that are rich in essential nutrients,” says Nirmala, who has done a certified course as a Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York.

In the book, Nirmala — who has set up Nirmal Herbal clinics in Mumbai — has shared the simplest recipes from natural ingredients found in one’s garden and the kitchen to create pastes and scrubs for the face and hair.

Pai, who launched her Blush Clinic in Mumbai in 1994, has adopted a ‘less is more 5E approach’ to skincare — that’s everyday, exfoliate, erase, eat and exercise — in her book.

  • Celebrity naturopath Dr Nirmala
    Shetty recommends natural
    concoctions for every skin and
    hair problem in her book,
    Beauty At Your Fingertip

Sharad’s book deals with skin anatomy and functions and talks about nagging skin problems like acne, skin pigmentation and ageing skin. She has also provided a road map to radiant skin for brides and grooms.

Rashmi Shetty’s Age Erase has advice for men and she also talks about the effects of seasons on skin, travel and festival skincare.

The doctors are not planning to stop at writing just one book. So, while Pai is planning a book on her own evolution as a doctor, Rashmi Shetty also plans a second book in the coming months. On the other hand, Sharad, who is finishing a chapter for a medical journal, wants to write about skincare for teenagers.

However, don’t think for a moment that these doctors believe in quick-fix solutions to skin problems. Says Sharad: “Healthy diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle are the three keys to overall skin health.”