Simply chic

Actress Madhura Naik ’s fashion mantra is all about keeping it simple and classy

  • Published 29.03.15

Style according to you is...

Style is being comfortable in what you wear and it’s also about constantly experimenting with your look.

Five items in your closet you can’t do without

My bag, a pair of wedges for the day and heels for the evening, a black coat, a white shirt and a pair
of denims.

What do you like to mix and match?

I love to mix and match skirts with crop tops and shirts as well as crop tops and denims or trousers.

Your most extravagant buy

I recently splurged on a bag from Michael Kors and neck-piece from Versace. I spent a huge amount on them.

What kind of a shopper are you?

I am a shopaholic, I hit the malls and shops whenever I feel low or bored. I like wearing clothes from various brands but sometimes I also pick up things from smaller shops.

Your favourite shopping destination

It has to be Paris and Hong Kong. I visited Paris a year back and realised that the variety of things available there is difficult to find anywhere else. In fact they arrive much later in other parts of the world. While the fashion in Paris is very chic and classy, the fashion in Hong Kong is very hip, young and colourful.

You have a fetish for

I love bags, shoes and have around 20 pairs of shoes and 10 bags from different brands.

Essentials in your handbag

My sun block, perfume, a sanitiser, mouth fresheners and a make-up kit.

(As told to Treena Mukherjee)
Photographs by Gajanan Dudhalkar