Monday, 30th October 2017

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  • Published 18.09.18
Uday Bhattacharya

Students from eight schools in Calcutta recently showcased innovative science models in a competition held at the Calcutta University Institute Hall. The event commemorated the contribution of famous Bengali scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray in promoting indigenous scientific enterprise. The use of hydraulic press in different aspects of our life - such as in elevators, mechanical cranes, bridges and water pumps - was demonstrated by the award-winning team of Metropolitan Institution (Main).

The members of the team were Raul Ray, Avishek Mondal and Suman Kundu (see pic). Students from Metropolitan Institution for Girls, led by Soma Mandal, demonstrated the simple process of rainwater harvesting in an apartment. Students from Hare School, Calcutta, showed a model of the Curiosity rover designed by Nasa to explore the surface of Mars. The event - called Manishider Poth, Banglar Shopoth (Great men showed the way in Bengal) - was organised by the information and broadcasting department, Government of West Bengal.