School bags should be lighter


  • Published 2.01.18


Modern times

In the time of e-classrooms and visual learning, there should be no place or necessity for schoolbags or books.

Injeela Bashar,
First year, Asutosh College, Calcutta

Back problems

Yes, schoolbags must be lighter because many children start having back problems by the age of 14. Cases of spinal abnormalities in children, including scholiosis, have also increased. Schoolbags can easily be replaced by lockers in school where text and reference books can be kept. In fact, not only should schoolbags become lighter, it would be best if they were totally banned. Children in developed countries don't carry schoolbags!

Debsarathi Sen,
Class X, Don Bosco School, Calcutta


Teaches organisation

The ever-increasing number of subjects in the school curriculum requires that a load of books be carried. Also, reading from a book ensures attention. Moreover, numerous books inculcates organising abilities in students.

Patrali Pradhan,
Third year, Bethune College, Calcutta

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