Scent of a WOMAN

Your perfume is an extension of your personality. It speaks for you. Check out who you are

  • Published 19.10.17

Citrus leads

You make the reservations for dinner. You speak first in a group. You pop up first in bed in the morning, that too with that smile.

You make the decisions and work them out. You are alpha, woman! You rock! Chances are you like to wear citrus.

Rose is romantic

If you are wearing rose, and generally gravitate towards floral scents, you may be wearing a sharp-cut kurta, or a smart pant suit, or maybe even chiffon and pearls, or at least you want to be in them. You like classic and are a romantic. Could be a bit cautious.
Lavender is friendly

Lavender is gentle, relaxing, refreshing, and so are you. We assume that you have loads of friends who will root for you when you are running for the Ms Popularity Contest and be by your side at other times too. Because you have done that for them.

Fruity is party

Like apples, peaches, berries? You are fun. You are the centre of the dance. You are the point everyone is moving towards. Your temperament may be a bit yo yo, swinging from here to there, but that’s ok.

Great artists are like that.

Sandalwood is perfect

You are cool, a trendsetter, and likely to be a perfectionist. You do things that others don’t. You are probably only on Instagram. You are your biggest critic.
Jasmine is intense

You feel deeply. You don’t mind showing what you feel and people can’t help noticing that. But that doesn’t mean you are an introvert. You live it up.

Hair oil solution

Hair products that behave like hair cream but work as oil have been a great help for many. You apply it on your hair any time, and keep it on if you want to, or wash it. Your hair feels nourished, but  does not turn oily.