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Engineering versus  Wildlife Photography

By Shivani Manchanda
  • Published 17.10.17

Engineering versus  Wildlife Photography

I am a third-year student of Engineering. I joined this course only because my parents forced me. I love photography and would like to be a wildlife photographer. Please help!

Neil Dasgupta

There is no rule book that states you cannot be both. Within the next 10 or 20 years, many professionals will have more than one career and some will be experimenting with left brain and right brain (creative) careers simultaneously. The important thing is to identify one’s strengths and leverage them. It is one’s ability to analyse, solve problems, innovate and so on, that drive career growth. A good university education will, however, never lose value. I appreciate that you have taken up engineering under parental pressure but at this stage I would suggest completing the degree. Meanwhile, refine your photography skills, research the earning potential and career path of wildlife photographers so that you are well armed with knowledge and skills by the time you graduate. Also, research opportunities for people who are good in mathematics’ as there are many interdisciplinary professions you can enter with an engineering degree.

Maths magic

I am a father of a 16-year-old boy who is good in mathematics. Could you tell me what careers, apart from engineering, my son can pursue?

Archit Jena

If your son is good at numbers, he could go in for finance, actuarial science, economics, engineering, maths, statistics or even physics. It would also help to find out his personality traits. Is he a people’s person? Does he like to think or does he like to do things with his hands? You should take his traits into consideration before choosing a career for him. Apart from the college or the course, the internships your son will do and the additional skills he will acquire are equally, if not more, important. It is great that you are thinking ahead and gathering information for his career. While a degree from a well ranked college or university is always useful, remember that many of us who went to moderately competitive institutions have been able to succeed owing to persistence and determination.