On World Beard Day, the t2 campus team lists its fave screen guys with face fuzz!


  • Published 1.09.18


Rubeus Hagrid from the Harry Potter series

Long hair and a grizzly unkempt beard personify Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane). His beard definitely complemented his huge structure that made him look super intimidating, but his twinkling kind eyes and friendly demeanour showed just how deceiving outside appearances can be!

Logan from Logan

For his final outing as the animalistic mutant, Logan (Hugh Jackman) traded the iconic long sideburns for a fully flowing (and greying) beard, and he did scorch the screen! The beard fit right in with the now ageing Logan and added a touch of the character’s pain and suffering to his face. Oh, and did we mention how badass he looked?!

Vicky from Manmarziyaan

Is there anything that Vicky Kaushal can’t do? Bollywood’s new go-to guy is on a roll. In the September 14 release, he will be playing a local ruffian, Vicky, with spiky blue hair and a glam stubble that already has girls crushing on him. Not only is the stubble perfectly trimmed, he carries it with oodles of confidence too. #ThumbsUp

Vikram Singh Rathore from Khoobsurat

That beard fit his face way better than any of those tailor-made suits did. And boy, that brooding expression on Vikram’s (Fawad Khan) face made the girls drool over him and gave us guys a serious complex. Needless to say, Fawad Khan was the best thing about Khoobsurat and, his beard was a (really) close second!

Captain America from Avengers: Infinity War

Captain America (Chris Evans) had a completely new avatar in the penultimate Avengers instalment, ditching the good-boy image for an all-new outlaw-on-the-run one, and the beard sure did help him to make a statement. What we loved best? Thor’s hilarious remark: “I see you’ve copied my beard!”

Sultan Alauddin Khilji from Padmaavat

Only Ranveer Singh could have played Khilji. The menacing eyes, long hair, unsettling grin and pitch-black beard spelt trouble from the first frame itself, and we hate to love the character. The intimidating on-screen presence he had would have been incomplete without his beard!


Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) evoked fear and demanded our respect with his long beard and bulging biceps, and we knew right from the start that this was someone not to be messed with. He didn’t just win over Khaleesi’s heart, but ours too. 

Walter White from Breaking Bad

We literally saw Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) facial hair evolve like his character on screen. From a run-of-the-mill moustache keeper to a baldie with a goatee to an unkempt beardo. As Heisenberg’s presence in Walt grew with every passing season, so did his beard. We feel the moment when Walter decided to keep the goatee, was in fact, the exact moment that he broke bad.

Prince Philip from The Crown

A beard befitting of royalty, is how we would describe Prince Philip’s (Matt Smith) glorious stubble, which surprisingly was grown for a competition in Season 2 of the Netflix epic drama. Smith transformed, and his hotness quotient grew as he shed his perpetual chocolate-boy image for a new, mature, regal one with the beard.

Ragnar Lodbrok from Vikings

From a peasant to Scandinavian king, that beard has seen it all! The most notable thing about Lodbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) look is his facial hair and its evolution. Based on probably the most popular legend from Norse mythology, Vikings follows the rise to power of Ragnar Lodbrok, with Fimmel’s physique and fierce look adding to the powerful depiction. 


Kratos from God Of War 4

After going through each God of the Greek pantheon with a tiny goatee in the first three games, the forever angry former Ghost of Sparta’s beard got an upgrade in the latest PS4 reboot. Apart from showcasing a more muscular Kratos with some signs of ageing, Sony takes a page from The Last Of Us by giving Kratos a full beard with an underlying protective side, giving us the perfect character progression we needed.

Joel from The Last Of Us

Joel’s unkempt and surprisingly short beard signifies his soft side underneath a tough exterior, protecting Ellie — a teenager he meets during his journey — throughout the game and keeping her away from the dangers of an unknown world.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

A man’s beard can evoke many emotions and Marston’s shows grit and gruffness in the American Old Wild West. Fearless and noble, this atypical cowboy’s beard is just as important to his character as are his Stetson hat and revolver.

Big Boss from Metal Gear series

The true star of the Metal Gear series, Big Boss is never seen without his stubble, unlike his clone sons, Solid and Liquid Snake. Whether he is a villain or a rebel hero, his beard never leaves his chin and perfectly complements his iconic eyepatch and the headband.

Text: Ravjit Singh and Vedant Karia

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