My weekend

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By Vishal Kanoi - Dancer / choreographer Dancing rules!
  • Published 8.07.06

I’ve been living in Calcutta for a little over three years now, as previously I used to be in Mumbai. Compared to the hectic pace of life there, Calcutta is relatively laid-back. That said however, weekends for me all depend upon whether I have any shows lined up or not. If I’m booked, then it’s a rush, but if I happen to have no appointments on the calendar, then my Saturdays and Sundays are pretty free and easy.

Saturdays start slightly late for me. I only rise and shine by around nine in the morning and soon after, I head over to the gym at CC& FC for a good workout. I’m not very regular at exercise, but when I have time on hand, I definitely try to fit in a workout. After finishing up at the gym, it’s back home for a chilling-out session ? a nice, lazy lunch, some time with my TV and my friends on the Internet.

I usually have classes at my studio on Lansdowne Road from 4pm onwards. And this goes on till around 8.30pm. After dinner at home, I generally head to a nightclub ? and which one depends purely upon my mood. If I’m in the mood for some crazy dancing, then my address of choice is Underground or Venom. But if all I want is some relaxed lounging, then Shisha it is! It’s a good place to socialise and even network.

Sundays are typically lazy days and I only surface at around noon. Lunch is a family affair since I don’t really have the luxury of spending much time with them during the week. At times, I have classes on Sundays at two or three in the afternoon, but after that I spend time with my family and friends. I may go out shopping with them, or catch a movie. Dinner is usually at some restaurant or the other and one of my favourites happens to be Banthai at the Oberoi Grand.