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By Shatabdi Roy - actress Quality time with son
  • Published 20.08.05

My Saturdays are spent just like any other day of the week. I get up early and ready myself for a shoot, if there?s one scheduled for the morning. If there aren?t any shoots lined up for the day, I usually spend my mornings pottering about the house and going over the menu for lunch with my cook. I also take this time to catch up on some music and spend an hour or so listening to my favourite CDs. Come afternoon and after a quick lunch, I head off to my acting school, Shatabdi Foundation, where I teach students the various nuances of acting and emoting till about seven in the evening. Later on, we attend the occasional party or event. But more often than not, my Saturday evenings are devoted to my three-year-old son, Samoraj. It?s all about quality time with him, be it an ice cream trip or just playing with him at home.

I just love Sundays ? yes, that would have a great deal to do with the fact this is the one day that I can get up late. If I do have classes scheduled at my acting school, I try to complete them during the first half of the day. Lunch is an elaborate affair with the entire family. During the week, I hardly get the time to have proper sit-down meals with my in-laws. So a long Sunday lunch is a great opportunity to catch up with all of them. I usually spend the afternoon having a glorious nap ? a great way to recharge my batteries for the evening ahead, which is almost always spent having a fun-filled adda with family and friends. I rarely go out to catch a movie ? the only time I do so is when I have to write a film review. I also don?t like eating out much. I prefer ordering in and eating in the comfort of my own home.