My weekend

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By Kim Jagtiani - model Devoted to my pug AS TOLD TO AARTI DUA
  • Published 24.12.05

My weekends have just changed because I’ve got some big news in my life ? I’ve got a pup. I love dogs and have wanted one since I was five but never really had the time to devote to one. So I’ve actually waited 20 years for this pup. He is a pug and just 50 days old, which is why I have to feed him every two to three hours. I haven’t named him yet but am considering Bugsy or Poe as in Edgar Allen. My weekends are devoted to him.

Otherwise, I usually meet up with friends or read or watch sunsets on Carter Road. My pup is too small so I can’t take him to watch sunsets yet but I definitely intend to do that soon. I love reading on the weekends. I like all kinds of books from autobiographies to fiction to self-help books. I’m currently reading Anita Desai’s Village by the Sea. It’s a very young person’s book but I’m happy reading it. I’m also reading Mistress of Spices and, yes, a big fat book on pugs by Juliette Cunlisse. It’s got everything from how to take care of pugs and how to train them to their characteristics and features.

I also love watching movies on the weekends. I especially enjoy old English black and white films or sometimes, I go catch something in the theatre. The DVD, a bowl of popcorn and a glass of coke, that’s my ideal of an ideal time. On Sundays, I like to spend time with my boyfriend. I don’t socialise much. I love the arts so I like to go see a Kathak performance or one weekend in a month or two, I catch up on the exhibitions at the art galleries in town.

Photograph courtesy: Elite Model Management India