Lord’s crossing in South Calcutta is our new go-to grub hub. t2 goes on a taste trail 


  • Published 8.09.18

The area around Lord’s crossing — popularly called Lord’s More — covering a stretch of Prince Anwar Shah Road and a bit of Lake Gardens is home to a host of F&B stops of all sizes and flavours. The prices are pocket-friendly, which explains why most of the dine dens are always packed with youngsters. 


What started as a biryani-and-chaanp place in 2012 has grown into a 30-seater restaurant serving North Indian and Mughlai dishes. With a fuss-free decor, Hanglaatherium is pulling in the hyanglaas (read foodies!) as much for its different biryanis as for its mutton kebab.

Must try: Dilli 6, the kind of butter chicken you get around Jama Masjid in Delhi, to be had with tandoori roti.

Where: 188/3/1A Prince Anwar Shah Road, near Sanghati Park

Timings: 12.30pm to 10.30pm

Meal for two: Rs 500-plus

How Hua

This is a 14-seater restaurant serving traditional Chinese, started in 1969 by the present owner’s grandparents on Mirza Ghalib Street (it had the same name back then). After remaining shut for nine years, How Hua reopened in Lake Gardens in 2017. With dishes like Chimney Soup, Talumein Soup and dumplings, How Hua offers a taste of China Town right here in south Calcutta.

Must try: The tender Chilli Roast Pork that is cooked for two hours is just delicious.

Where: 188/23A Prince Anwar Shah Road

Timings: 12.30pm to 11pm

Meal for two: Rs 650 (all inclusive)

Momo I Am

The recently refurbished outlet of Momo I Am, which opened in 2012 in Lake Gardens, is known for its mix of soulful Tibetan, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine. Quirky graffiti and posters mark the 50-seater Oriental eatery with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.

Must try: The pork bao is an all-time favourite but we recommend the soupy Chicken Mothuk, a combination of Thukpa and momos.

Where: 195C Lake Gardens

Timings: Noon to 10pm (Monday to Thursday); noon to 11pm (Friday to Sunday)

Meal for two: Rs 550-plus

American Waffle House

There are four outlets in the city, including the one at Lord’s More. Started in 2017, American Waffle House follows the quick service restaurant (QSR) format and serves 15 varieties of waffles along with beverages like flavoured iced teas and shakes.

Must try: Choco Blast Waffle; it’s loaded with dark chocolate and milk chocolate ganache.

Where: 194 Jodhpur Gardens, Lake Gardens

Timings: Noon to 1am

Meal for two: Rs 300 (all inclusive)


Hot, yum food any time of the day and night — that’s the advantage of living in this neighbourhood! The 22-seater eatery that reopened in 2016 after being shut for a year serves American and continental food and is a hit with foodies, mainly the nocturnal kind. Small elements like a letter box, a vintage clock hanging from the ceiling and some wall art add to the casual look of the restaurant.

Must try: Devil’s Pig, which is eggs wrapped in bacon and sauteed with barbecue sauce.

Where: 58/100 Prince Anwar Shah Road

Timings: Open 24x7

Meal for two: Rs 700-plus

The Noodle Story

Fourteen outlets across the city means the wok-box concept of The Noodle Story has hit the right palate. Opened earlier this year, the QSR in the Navina cinema building serves noodles, baos, ramen and gyoza.

Must try: Vegetarian Udon Stir Fried Noodles. It’s got a variety of vegetables, and it’s tasty.

Where: 85 Prince Anwar Shah Road

Timings: 11am to 9.30pm

Meal for two: Rs 350-plus


The 1,700sq ft eatery has a soothing vibe with grey walls and lots of green elements. Spend a weekend evening listening to live music or play board games with your friends at the 65-seater cafe. Opened in 2018, Snacking serves continental and Italian fare.

Must try: The juicy Grilled Chicken in Barbecue Sauce that comes with rice and sauteed veggies.

Where: 188/60/2 Prince Anwar Shah Road

Timings: 11am to 10pm

Meal for two: Rs 500-plus

Chai Adda

This one’s a 35-seater cafe (it was a QSR before) with dim lights and brick walls, serving continental and American food. It’s always packed with college-goers.

Must try: Chicken Spaghetti, which is topped with cheese shavings.

Where: 188/13 Prince Anwar Shah Road

Timings: 9am to 11.30pm

Meal for two: Rs 200-plus



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Text: Nandini Ganguly

Pictures: Arnab Mondal & B. Halder