Look at me!

Beauty treatments and styling trends that are just too wacky

By Priscilla Corner
  • Published 2.09.18

Beauty and style buffs often go to incredible lengths to remain young and stay ahead of the curve. And many of the beauty trends they set or engage in range from wow to wacky. While one may be tempted to say “enough already”, kudos are certainly due for the sheer innovation and artistry that often accompany these trends, some of which are best suited for Instagram posts only.

Blood moisturiser/ vampire facial

Kim Kardashian is a proponent of blood facial

Molecular cosmetics expert Barbara Sturm has formulated a lotion that begins by extracting blood from her client’s arm, which is then put into a centrifuge to separate the plasma and white cells. These are then added to a cream that is called MC1. Sturm is of the belief that our own platelets fight signs of ageing better by reprogramming our skin. 


If having one face isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you can try this latest make-up trend. Caution: High degree of skill is required. This process involves creating, through skilled make-up artistry, a replica of a face — 3D dimensions et al — on your thigh. 


We have seen petal lashes, diamond lashes, untrimmed and real feather lashes, patriotic, flag-coloured lashes and UV lashes. But perhaps the standout in this category would be the fly lashes. Here, a dead fly’s legs are added to the lash line. LED lashes have built-in sensors that flicker in tandem with the movement of the pupils. 


Glitter nose: US actress Bella Thorne rocked the Internet with a post of her sparkly nose tip to which a nose ring was attached. She called herself a “little goth kitty”.

Nose lashes: If allergic rhinitis plagues you then this trend is one you may want to give a miss. Here, lashes decoratively adorn the outer nostril area.


If every other place on the body gets to have make-up, why not the ears? Someone must have whispered this into someone’s ears, or why else is it trending the way it is? This is how it’s done:

• Use a primer.
 Apply a shine cream, a highlighter, gold or silver dust, then embellish or paint as you like. 
 Graphic images can be printed on your ears too. This could be a glittery backdrop for a pair of nice earrings. 


Squiggle brows: If you like the idea of looking like a person who is annoyed or quizzical and fancy tildes creeping across your forehead, this is just for you! 

Split eyebrows: This new Instagram rage splits the brows into an upper and lower half. 

Feather brows: These brows are for those blessed with an abundant growth. Simply part the brows down centre and gel them on either side of the parting. 

Braided brows: They are a rage! Sounds impossible to do? If you can’t get your brows braided, don’t lose heart. Just Photoshop them onto your brow area for your Insta posts.


Kelly Osbourne sports a scalp tattoo

Head tattoos: If you don’t mind excruciating pain then this procedure is a must-try. Since the skin on the scalp is thinner than anywhere else, this requires you to have a high threshold of pain! The hair grows back pretty quickly, so look forward to a lot of itchiness during the drying up process.

Stencil hair designs: Leopard prints, graphics, scenery or all of these can be etched on the surface of your hair with the aid of a masterful colourist and a set of stencils.

Wacky hair day: Once a year in Australia, they have, in aid of charity, a wacky hair day. You can have your hair cut and coloured to look like anything from a chameleon to a tomato, and you can weave into your tendrils, all from a doughnut to a five-course meal atop a tray.  


Furry nails: It takes wild to another level. This look debuted in 2016 and is not for anyone who likes to chew on their nails pensively. This trend has you pasting fur to nails that have been painted with Vinylux polish.
Edible nails: This trend is definitely for those who like to bite their nails and the credit for this chicken-flavoured nail invention goes to KFC.

Aquarium nails: Filling a hollow acrylic nail with baby oil and glitter is the first step. The hollow is filled with anything from snow globes to Disney characters!


Bejewelled lips: If kissing is not on your mind, then adorn your lips with carefully-placed crystals, sequins, gold leaves or silver foil. These have been around for a while and have terrific red-carpet potential. 

Squiggle lips: If you think outlining your lips were hard, try drawing symmetrical scallops around your lip line.

Silver, gold outlined lips: Clouds are not the only things to have silver linings, lips can have them too. These look quite arresting and are a perfect contour for a luscious set of lips.

Priscilla Corner is a senior hairstylist with the UK Hair Council and co-owner of the June Tomkyns chain of salons. She can be reached at @junetomkynshair on Twitter and @priscilla_corner on Instagram