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Jimmy Mistry on Della Leaders Club

A first-of-its-kind club for business leaders to curate a calendar of innovative events across the board

Anannya Sarkar Published 03.08.21, 03:18 AM
Jimmy Mistry, founder & CEO, Della Leaders Club

Jimmy Mistry, founder & CEO, Della Leaders Club Sourced by the correspondent

Della Leaders Club (DLC) — a business platform that seeks to curate a calendar of innovative events across the board from business to lifestyle, with an eclectic roster of honorary committee members (HMCs) — was launched recently. Founded by Jimmy Mistry, DLC aims to provide a one-step platform for not just networking but also for holistic development of skills for business persons and their families. In a candid chat, Mistry tells us more.

What led to the creation of the Della Leaders Club (DLC)?


Leaders are always lonely at the top and we want to challenge this status quo by causing a positive impact in the lives of entrepreneurs, professionals and young leaders. We believe DLC will be the catalyst to transform people from a ‘life of success to a life of significance’. There isn’t a single common platform that offers business and lifestyle knowledge. There are domain-specific trade organisations, however, they lack the ‘range’ of more diverse experiences across multiple fields. The need is to stay relevant to stay “future fit” because complex modern problems demand that we bridge experiences and knowledge from multiple fields.

What sets it apart from other business clubs?

There are platforms for everything in life but not a single common global platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and young leaders for their day-to-day business and lifestyle needs. We believe that leaders are lonely at the top. Most business and C-suite leaders feel isolated and do not have a safe, trusted platform. They need somewhere to go to for insights, nuances and perspectives that only trusted, non-compete peers in a forum can provide. DLC is the only platform for the whole family.

DLC is the only business platform that provides curated lifestyle experiences. Leaders are pressed for time, yet aspire to give the best to their families and themselves in lifestyle. However, due to paucity of time, they need tailored, credible, curated content and brand collaborations. DLC creates original content to get our members stay ahead of the curve. We provide our opportunity to our members to cause social impact. Leaders today have a calling beyond just building their business — they want to help others, while making a meaningful contribution to their industry, and to society at large.

How does it plan to keep its members engaged and learning accessible, especially during the pandemic?

At DLC, exclusive insights from stalwarts comprise 13 business committees with over 2,000 HCMs across 15 chapters. Geared specifically for time-starved leaders and their day-to-day business needs, DLC Business ensures our members stay ahead of the curve.

DLC Forums are a complete game changer in a leader’s personal and professional lives. We are democratising the world of forums by bringing the world’s best forum facilitators on one of the most advanced forum applications. It is the most valued asset for members, spouses and young adult children.

With ready-to-apply business knowledge from 2,000-plus men and women of eminence, DLC Knowledge members have access to original exclusive content. DLC is a technology and content generation platform with in-house production, post-production and edit facilities, helping its members make more informed decisions for the sustained growth of their organisations.

In addition to DLC knowledge, our members will have access to some of the best deals and experiences from the leading global brands under business and lifestyle committees through DLC Brand Collaborations and Experiences.

Each DLC chapter will host three theme-based events a year, which will be an ensemble of professional learning, recreation and entertainment. There will also be curated luxury lifestyle exhibitions for the entire family.

It is lonely at the top and there is a need for a platform and support system. DLC Genie has been conceptualised precisely to deliver this support system using the power of the DLC Global Community.

Global leaders and experts will be invited to speak at DLC Global Summits to be held in India. With a total of 19 Global Summits dedicated to various specialised knowledge streams under the DLC umbrella, these conferences will be curated by our committee members.

Members are also invited to chapter-wise and international DLC retreats at incredible locations with avant-garde hospitality.

Our members will also have exclusive access to the DLC e-boutique that promises bespoke experiences, customised designs with DLC partner brands.

Tell us about the scope of the honorary members (HCM). What do they bring to the portfolio of the club?

DLC is already taking shape, with 2,000-plus honorary committee members, 15 chapters and five offices in place. Our HCMs are domain experts and thought leaders who will create original content, which will be an advantage for our members to run their businesses better. An overdose of content on the Internet and many other platforms is available for novices/domain experts. However, trusted and filtered knowledge from management perspectives, including tricks of the trade, are what we bring to the table.

What are your immediate and long-term plans for the club?

In these past 12 months, the concept of DLC has been welcomed by people across the world with 2,020 HCMs already on board. We did a global soft launch on June 12 and are now launching our 15 chapters one by one. Simultaneously, we will be launching our 26 knowledge domain committees. We plan to launch over the next three months, three phases across 15 countries and 45 cities.

Leaders today have a calling beyond just building their business — they want to help others, while making a meaningful contribution to their industry, and to society at large. Each committee is empowered to pursue two social impact causes, creating a wave of impact with 54 pursuits.

HCM member Anamika Khanna gives us her take

What made you say yes to joining the Della Leaders Club?

I found Della Leaders Club extremely relevant to the modern and challenging business world. It is a perfect opportunity to broaden one’s horizon and reach out to a diverse global group of eminent achievers.

How do you see it add value to your business?

DLC is one of the world’s first business platforms, a global business community and seems like an extraordinary opportunity to learn and exchange ideas and become better leaders.

What do you look forward to the most as being a part of this club?

I think I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas, mapping latest trends and reaching my business to a wider audience. I am looking at being part of a community where we learn from each other and build relationships.

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