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  • Published 13.01.13
Derek O'Brien

The orange, a favourite winter fruit in India, is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo, and was first cultivated in Southeast Asia. The fruit wasn’t orange originally, but green. In fact, Vietnamese oranges and Thai tangerines are still bright green on the outside and orange inside. An interesting fact about the orange is that if unpicked, it can stay on the tree until the next season, during which time fluctuations in temperature can make it turn from green to orange and back to green again without the quality or flavour being affected. One orange supplies 116.2 per cent of the daily value for Vitamin C and being rich in Vitamin B6, helps support the production of haemoglobin and also helps keep blood pressure under check due to the presence of magnesium. Fibre in oranges help keep blood sugar levels under control thereby making oranges a healthy snack for people with diabetes. Incidentally, today is the winter harvest festival of Lohri. Greetings to all!


1. Which animal, among all land animals, has the largest heart?

Soumendro Roy, Calcutta

2. According to scientific research, which is the most restful colour for the human eye?

Payal Sarkar, Calcutta

3. Which word was written on the very first postage stamp featuring MK Gandhi, on Nehru’s request?

Kaushik Ghosh, Calcutta

4. According to a Chinese legend, what did Empress Shiling Ti discover in her tea cup while sitting under a tree?

Abhigyan Maity, Ranchi

5. What is the tall white hat with a full-pouched crown, worn by chefs, known as?

Rahul Banerjee, Calcutta

6. Which lake holds 20 per cent of the earth’s freshwater and is fed by 330 rivers?

Suchishmita Pyne, Guwahati

7. Who has been the President of the Indian National Congress the most number of times?

Akash Mitra, Calcutta

8. According to Unesco, who is the most translated science fiction author in the world?

Ravi Bhatia, Calcutta

9. In Hindu myth, which demi-god’s name translates loosely to ‘one with the broken jaw’?

Kavita Roy, Assam


The word ‘orange’ comes from the Arabic naranj, and was adopted into the English language as ‘narange’ in the 14th century, gradually losing the initial ‘’.


Which game was created by architect Alfred Mosher Butts and initially named Lexico?

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Quiz published on 30.12.12

Kavita Roy, Assam

Which Italian inventor set up the Vatican Radio in 1931?

The answer is: Guglielmo Marconi

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Identify this model


1. Identify this actor



2. Identify this author




1. Giraffe
2. Green
3. Bapu
4. Silk
5. Toque
6. Lake Baikal
7. Jawaharlal Nehru
8. Jules Verne
9. Hanuman

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