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The Telegraph Online   |     |   Published 09.10.11, 12:00 AM

Derek O'Brien

When was the last time you visited a post office? Hmm...I have not visited one in years. A decade? That makes me feel a little guilty to share with you that today is World Post Office Day. India has more post offices than China. The minimum distance between two post offices in India should be 1.5km in cities and 2km in smaller towns. (Do they really follow that?) Though green is the reigning colour of most mail boxes in China, a few in Beijing are coded in pink for collecting only ‘love letters’. In India, a green letterbox is for local mail, blue for metros, yellow for state capitals and red for other destinations. Ever thought of colour coding emails?


1. On the basis of designs, which sari can be divided into tota-maina and bangdi mor?

Aditya Bagchi, Burdwan

2. In the movie Shrek, Shrek says “Ogres are like ___________ they’re made of many layers.” What is he referring to?

Deepti Burma, Calcutta

3. Which famous painter’s work is divided into periods like Blue, Rose, Black, and Iberian?

Jayasree Ghosh, Calcutta

4. Which famous fair takes place in November around the Hariharnath Temple in the Saran district of Bihar?

Amitava Majumdar, Howrah

5. Who started Mirat-ul-Akbar, the first Persian newspaper in India?

Anita Sen Sharma, Calcutta

6. In which state is the Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary?

Sanjiv Palit, Bhubaneswar

7. Galileo Galilei was the first person to see which planet through a telescope, in 1610, and write that it appeared ‘triple-bodied’?

Basundhara Dutta, Birbhum

8. Who has been India’s Prime Minister for the shortest period in a single tenure?

Sritama Pal, Siliguri

9. In 1756, which sauce was first created by the chef of Duc de Richelieu to celebrate his victory over the British at Port Mahon?

Mayurakshi Hazarika, Assam


In 2006, India Post issued the first fragrance stamp and a miniature sheet on sandalwood. A gentle rub on the upper surface of the stamp released the fragrance.

The loss of what, in human beings, is also known as Alopecia?

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Quiz published on 25.09.11

Mayurakshi Hazarika, Assam

Which ocean contains the largest belt of volcanoes on the planet, the Ring of Fire?

The answer is: Pacific Ocean

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Name this sportsperson


1. Identify this make-up artist




2. Identify this author




1. Paithani
2. Onions
3. Pablo Picasso
4. Sonepur cattle fair
5. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
6. Andhra Pradesh
7. Saturn
8. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
9. Mayonnaise

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