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Time to raise a toast to gin at Ozora. t2 sipped along

  • Published 9.02.18

What: Gin Festival

Where: Ozora, 20th floor of Acropolis mall, Kasba

Timings: 4pm till midnight (all days)

Pocket pinch: Gin cocktails made with 60ml are priced at Rs 650 while gin-infused shots are Rs 300 for 30 ml

There are fruity  and spicy infusions and some made with miscellaneous ingredients. Vanilla and Rosemary, Peach and Mixed Fruit, Ginger and Kaffir Lime are some of the pop picks.

Author J.K. Rowling likes it with tonic and F. Scott Fitzgerald immortalised this drink in The Great Gatsby. What are we talking about? Gin. Celebrating the versatility of the white spirit that is made with juniper berries, Ozora, the skybar atop Acropolis mall, has launched the Gin Festival starting today. 

ITALIAN FASHIONED: One look at this cocktail and it might remind you of whisky on the rocks but this maraschino cherry-infused gin cocktail is orange in colour, sweet to taste and served with bitters and an ice ball. Sip it slowly to enjoy the flavours.

“We want to break the myth that gin is an old man’s drink because it is not. In fact it is as versatile as any of the white spirits if used in the right way. So we have done around eight infusions that you can have either with sparkling water, neat or tonic water and we have a separate section where we have cocktails made with these infusions as well,” said Varun Mimani, director of Ozora.

t2 picks

SPICY SILVER FIZZ: Tempted to have whisky sour but hated the spirit? Try this cocktail made with beaten egg white and a concoction (with cardamom, star anise and gin soaked for at least 72 hours).
We love the frothy texture of the cocktail.
BASILICO: Made with orange peel and basil-infused gin, this cocktail is shaken with a sweet-and-sour mix and served in a martini glass. The notes are citric and the aftertaste is slightly bitter and herby.
FRUITY COLLINS: Looking for a fave summer drink this season? Try this one as it has everything from fruits to fizz! This fruity gin infusion (it has apples, pomegranate and Asian pear) is topped with tonic water and served with lime wedges for added freshness. Light, refreshing and icy —  just what you need to beat the heat.

Text: Pramita Ghosh
Pictures: Rashbehari Das