Zodiac this week

By Kusum Bhandari
  • Published 22.10.17


Personal: You could derive a lot of enjoyment from your interactions with the arts and artistes.

Professional: If there have been problems with someone, you should try to ignore it for now.

Love: You can anticipate interesting encounters in love and romance.


Personal: If you have been unconvinced about spiritual beliefs, everything is about to be clarified.

Professional: Show your energy, vitality and enterprising skills when dealing with officials and bureaucrats.

Love: Don’t expect much from your loved ones.


Personal: This week there’ll be times when you may not appear to get along with anyone.

Professional: Work pace is likely to slacken but keep the momentum going to hold up the morale of your co-workers.

Love: You could stand to save yourself some trouble by being flexible with your partner.


Personal: You may be able to proceed with travel plans that were put on hold for a while.

Professional: You’re about to get a great opportunity to get a jump-start new projects which will do a world of good for you.

Love: You may have reason to be hopeful about romance, but keep things on hold.


Personal: If you have been waiting to confront someone, you’re about to get the opportunity.

Professional: If you’ve had problems with someone in authority, things could start changing for the better.

Love: You may be able to sort out recent complications and  misunderstandings with your partner.


Personal: A good connection with someone rich and influential should bring a windfall.

Professional: There could be a few obstacles in your path to progress and you need to try and not let the frustration and tension get to you.

Love: A joyful romance is in your horizon.


Personal: You have a very positive mindset and will strive to see the best in others and derive the best out of every situation.

Professional: Your ideas may now seem overambitious, but don’t discard them summarily.

Love: Don’t miss any opportunity to create social connections.


Personal: You’re at your best in the way of eloquence and articulation. Perfect time to make your point in a public forum.

Professional: There could be great news about new opportunities.

Love: You’ll find yourself talking with the strangest of people and amidst that love and romance will grow.


Personal: You’re optimistic and can find something positive in every opportunity.

Professional: Focus on productivity and work as you’ll have your hands full with professional rivals.

Love: Although very busy, you should be able to make time for the more pleasant pursuits in life.


Personal: You want to enjoy yourself. You will find a way to make work fun.

Professional: You’re not at your energetic best. For success channel energy in the right direction.

Love: Look forward to developments in your romantic life and utilise this opportunity to spend quality time with your partner.


Personal: Accept the help and support from those around who are anxious to give it.

Professional: It’s a good time to consider reviving projects that have been relegated to the back-burner.

Love: Your preoccupation with your ambitions has left your partner feeling neglected.


Personal: You could find new creative pursuits for yourself.

Professional: Your finances may appear to be secure, but there are still issues that you need to cope with.

Love: It would appear that love relationships are the most demanding aspect of your life right now.