Murshidabad: A regal retreat on the banks of river Bhagirathi

Travelling through the bylanes of an old Mughal town, the author steps in history to find the country’s gran...

Old wounds

Anya Theatre's 110-minute-long tour de force is among the best Calcutta has produced in recent years...

Curated city tours go virtual

Taking a walk through the lanes and bylanes of Calcutta, virtually. The Telegraph spoke to a bunch of people w...

Silence of the Lambretta

Many years ago, a scooter, a castaway of a Delhi family, arrived in a coalmine town in Bihar and was reborn a ...

Jab chhor chale... Nakhlau nagari...

A portraiture of the recently departed Kaukab Quder, a man who lived his heritage, loved it, and never tried t...

Mrs Kasalova’s perestroika

A steel city, the iron-curtain and the Russians within, a dancing girl, a truant boy and a broken betrothal...

Culture  /  Published 13.10.18

The blue-blooded own bespoke guns, Purdey proves

There's almost no renowned monarch in Europe who hasn't owned a Purdey. And why shouldn't the new nobility follow suit?...
By Hindol Sengupta

Culture  /  Published 13.10.18

Why royalty still means big business

Some blue blood brands, with a history of imperial customers, are growing because we're sold on royalty...
By Hindol Sengupta

Heritage  /  Published 19.09.18

Puja waste chokes 90-year-old pond

Plastic packets, thermocol waste and puja paraphernalia have choked the already dirty Tar Company Talab near Telco...
By Animesh Bisoee

Heritage  /  Published 20.10.18

The Downton Abbeys of Dhanyakuria

Wandering in the Bengal countryside could bring you to these accidental Indo-English castles...
By Prasun Chaudhuri

Heritage  /  Published 17.10.18

This village can’t watch Raavan burn

For decades, Raavanwalas have been creating effigies for Vijaydashmi...
By Smita Tripathi

Heritage  /  Published 10.11.18

Have you been listening for the pedlar's cries?

They are all their own unique voices and selling points. But they're faceless, mysterious...
By Upala Sen

Heritage  /  Published 10.11.18

Currency Building hasn't run out of currency

The heritage structure is being turned into an exhibition hall for the National Gallery of Modern Art...
By Moumita Chaudhuri

Entertainment  /  Published 02.09.18

R K Studio closes, another chapter will open

It's a toss-up between unviable nostalgia and hard-nosed pragmatism...
By Bharathi S. Pradhan

Heritage  /  Published 11.08.18

In another eye, another place

Two architects pick a neighbourhood each, one ancient and another comparatively new but fast losing the original characters. How would they reimagine these stretches while preserving their legacy...
By Anasuya Basu

Heritage  /  Published 26.08.18

Beef was an offering in Vedic age

Who deemed that the cow should be holy? How did Narad come to be known as the divine mischief-maker? Bitan Sikdar shares a nugget or two from the Indologist's current project...
By Bitan Sikdar


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