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A lot can happen in a year. People change and grow; so can restaurants. The Coastal Macha on Southern Avenue turned one in October and the journey has been exciting!

  • Published 27.11.17




A lot can happen in a year. People change and grow; so can restaurants. The Coastal Macha on Southern Avenue turned one in October and the journey has been exciting!

“I’ve learnt a lot in the past year, in fact I’m still learning,” said young Piyush Menon, the chef-owner of the 32-seater restaurant. As a treat to their customers, the restaurant has introduced more coastal recipes to the already vast menu and also a highly popular protein — pork! 

“I wanted to have pork on the menu right from the beginning because it goes great with the theme... so many coastal dishes are made with the protein. But I wanted to test the waters and I realised pork has a great demand in the city, and dishes made from this cuisine are hard to find,” he added. But if you’re not a big fan of the meat, the best part of the menu is that all dishes come with a variety of protein options. 

From vindaloo to raw mango curry, these are some of the new dishes t2 tried


Text: Deborima Ganguly
Pictures: B. Halder


Greek Chicken, Spanish Chicken and Moroccan Chicken: Juicy chicken pieces in Greek fresh basil pesto or Moroccan slightly spicy harissa, or Spanish sun-dried tomato topped with feta and arugula — these skewers are all about comfort. 
Lebanese Shawarma Platter: Oven-roasted chicken with Mediterranean spices is served with soft pitta, lettuce and French fries. Wrap it all up, dunk it in the garlic mayo and the Brickwood-style shawarma is ready to eat!


The pizzeria on Wood Street, which will soon turn two, is growing bigger and better. Having made a mark with their wood-fire pizzas and Italian flavours, Brickwood is all set to explore other cuisines such as Greek and Mediterranean.

The hero is still the wood-fire oven where all the dishes, including desserts, are made. Also on the menu are the newly introduced ‘freak shakes’, which are already popular by the look of it — around four of them were ordered in the 90 minutes t2 spent there! “We’ve gone all out with shakes and they’re almost like a meal on their own. If you’re also eating, we would recommend sharing the glass,” said Brickwood partners Siddharth Maskara and Shashank Arora. 

Also on the menu are Brickwood-style shawarma and skewers, all of which are comfort food — just what you need with winter knocking on the door. 

Where: Brickwood, 10 Wood Street (diagonally opposite 22 Camac Street back gate)

When: 11.30am to 11.30pm, for takeaway and orders till 2.30am

Pocket pinch: Rs 600 for two

Text: DG
Pictures: Chanchal Ghosh


What: One Land Many Teas by Susmita Das Gupta

Where: The Whistling Kettle, 23/3 Gariahat Road, Golpark

When: November 12

To bust some myths about your beloved Darjeeling cuppa and to help you make the most of it, tea lover Susmita Das Gupta conducted a tea appreciation session. One of the organisers of the Bengaluru-based Tea Festival India, Susmita curated the session with four brews paired with nibbles from The Whistling Kettle menu.


Pictures: Pabitra Das 


Pictures: Koushik Saha