Diva hunt

The search is on — P.C. Chandra Goldlites Diva goes north and south

  • Published 10.02.18

The hunt for the right combination of beauty and brains on college campuses is on and P.C. Chandra Goldlites Diva, held in association with t2, visited Jadavpur University in south Calcutta, and St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College and Maharani Kasiswari College in the north. The contestants had to walk the ramp in western wear and introduce themselves, followed by an ethnic round. Five participants made it to a talent round called ‘3 Minutes to Fame’, from where three were picked for the final Q&A round. The winner from each college received a gift voucher for Rs 5,000 from P.C. Chandra Jewellers, while the first and second runners-up took home vouchers worth Rs 2,000 and Rs 1,000, respectively. 



While Oishi Mookerjee sang Send My Love by Adele, Nancy Mallick danced to Aaja nachle and Srijita Poddar performed a folk dance. Roshni Chakraborty sang Aaj jaane ki zid na karo and Awstika Das recited Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. Sangeeta Sinha acted out a ragging situation.


Are we the most superior form of animals?

Oishi: Human beings are the most superior form and because they have power, it is our responsibility to take care of other animals. I am an animal lover and I make sure I protect animals as much as I can.

Do you think we still have gender bias?

Srijita: Gender bias definitely exists and it is one of the biggest problems today. On the one hand, we see women venturing into the corporate sectors yet somewhere specially in the urban society, it is expected that women make all the sacrifice. The society does not expect that from men.

How can you make the co-existence of all the religions better in our country?

Roshni: All religions are important. India is a secular country so it is our duty to respect all religions. 

“This is a great platform for young girls to increase their confidence. It makes one understand that beauty is not about looks but also about the knowledge you have. I am really looking forward to the whole journey,” said Srijita Poddar, a third-year economics student, who looks up to Deepika Padukone.


“I was very impressed at the introduction round itself. The way they introduced themselves is commendable. All of them were confident, which is very important for a diva,” said actress Debleena Dutt Mukherjee, the judge of the day.


“I love trying out new things, which is why I participated. It was a tough competition but at the end I learnt a lot from the grooming session,” said Roshni Chakraborty, a first-year Masters student of international relations, who plans to try her luck through the wild card entry.


“I want to get into the modelling industry, which is why I participate in competitions like this. I have been discouraged because of my height, unlike Goldlites Diva. Hope more such platforms are created for us,” said Oishi Mookerjee, a second-year Masters student of comparative literature who plans to participate next year too.

Text: Malancha Dasgupta

Pictures: B. Halder



While Shrishti Goswami sang Yaar na mile, Archismita Biswas belted out See You Again by Charlie Puth. Shreyashi Dey performed  a dance drama. Tiyasa Das acted out a situation in which she was friend-zoned by a boy. Barnali Dutta sang Bhalo lage swapner mayajal bunte and Soumi Mitra danced to Aaja nachle.


What does the title P.C. Chandra Goldlites Diva mean to you?

Soumi: For me, it is a dream come true, I am very grateful for this opportunity.

If you had to choose between fire and water, which one would you choose and why?

Shreyashi: I would choose water, because there is water scarcity in many parts of India, and water pollution is a big problem. I would like to solve this issue.

According to you, is physical beauty a curse or a boon?

Archismita: Everyone wants to be beautiful. Sometimes beauty can be a curse and sometimes it can be a boon. I don’t like strangers staring at me and objectifying me because of my beauty.


“The win was totally unexpected. My mother, who is my inspiration, has taught me to be true to myself even under pressure. She was super happy to know that not only did I participate but also win,” said Archismita Biswas, a first-year microbiology student.


“I am getting more attention after coming second in this show. I look up to Oindrila Bose (first runner-up of Goldlites Diva 2016) because she has started her career from P.C. Chandra Goldlites Diva. I want to follow in her footsteps,” said Shreyashi Dey, a first-year English student. 


“I wanted to be a model and an actress. I was nervous initially, but my confidence level has increased because of this competition,” said Soumi Mitra, a first-year political science student.


“I have achieved everything because of this platform — P.C. Chandra Goldlites Diva. These girls are very lucky to get this opportunity. They can reach great heights through this platform,” said Oindrila Bose, an actress and the first runner-up of Goldlites Diva 2016, who was also the judge of the day.

Text: Deepshikha De

Pictures: B. Halder

Maharani Kasiswari College

Winner Barnali Das Gupta (far left), first runner-up Manisha Kumari Shaw (far right) and second runner-up Priyanka Singh with judge Chaiti Ghoshal posed for a picture after the contest. “I used to follow this competition every year and really wanted to participate when I enter college. My friends encouraged me and the grooming session also helped me,” said Barnali, a first-year student, who is a big fan of Katrina Kaif.