Desi Pizzazz


  • Published 4.12.17


Kosha Mangsho Pizza @ Hoppipola: A big, bold Bong flavour in a pizza — this one has soft chunks of kosha mangsho sitting pretty on a bed of gooey cheese, at the Acropolis and Mani Square outlets of Hoppipola. Such a happy marriage of Italian and Bengali flavours! 
Rs 385-plus
Fire of Bengal @ Fire and Ice Pizzeria: One of the earliest desi pizzas on the Italian munch map of Calcutta, the spicy Fire of Bengal has chunks of mutton, lots of green chillies and coriander leaves, along with tomato sauce and mozzarella. And we’ve gone back several times to the restaurant at the Middleton Street-Russel Street junction for this slightly thicker Neapolitan pizza! Rs 660-plus
Royal Bengal Lamb Pizza @ The Bikers Cafe: Fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions and mozzarella form the perfect base to the spicy and a little tangy minced lamb cooked in a garam masala-based sauce. Pair it with a red wine and you are set for a winter date, desi-style, at the Elgin Road restaurant! 
Rs 420-plus


Dal Makhni Pizza @ TFO — The Factory Outlet: The menu at this 
22 Camac Street restaurant has an entire section dedicated to pizza with desi flavours — from Paneer Tikka to Vegetable Manchurian. Our favourite is the unlikely combination of dal makhani and the rich aroma of ghee creating a riot with the cheese and the dough of the thin-crust pizza. Rs 375-plus
Paneer Makhani Pizza @ Kath Koyla: The makhani gravy seems to be good friends with the pizza base, as we found at this hookah cafe on Elgin Road. A smart way to eat paneer and tandoori roti, this desi pizza uses the makhani as a substitute for the tomato base. 
Rs 325-plus


Iti Aunty’s Daab Chingri Pizza @ Monkey Bar: Daab Chingri, another traditional Bengali dish, has landed on the pizza. The prawns, slow-cooked in tender coconut, ground mustard, chilli and poppyseeds, form the topping with some mozzarella. A drizzle of mustard oil on top completes the Bangaliana at this Camac Street restaurant! Rs 550-plus


Maggi Pizza @ My Wanderboots: Maggi and pizza, two of our favourites, have been rolled into one at this travel-themed restaurant on Purna Das Road. The pizza comes laden with cheese, Maggi and diced veggies like bell peppers, onions and fresh basil. A sprinkling of pav bhaji masala enhances the desi flavours. Rs 289-plus


What’s Up Desi Pizza @ What’s Up!: The pizza dough is folded into a wrap with a mix of cheese, spicy tandoori chicken, tomatoes, black olives and lettuce at the Southern Avenue cafe. A special “house masala” makes sure that every bite has a mix of sweet and tangy flavours. The vegetarian version has tandoori paneer. 
Rs 540-plus for chicken; Rs 490-plus for paneer.
Chicken Tikka Pizza @ Chai Break: The Sector V (Salt Lake) and City Centre New Town outlets of Chai Break have given the Italian bite a north Indian touch with the tandoor. What you have is smoky chicken tikka as the topping on a cheese base. Mildly spicy unless you bite into the green chilli, this one’s priced at Rs 410-plus. The vegetarian version made with cottage cheese (Rs 385-plus) is available at all Chai Break outlets. 


Chilli Paneer Pizza @ Blue Mug: A thick-crust pizza base topped with chilli paneer and a mix of chopped vegetables, ginger and garlic tossed in homemade tomato ketchup, along with cheddar and mozzarella cheese — this is one of the two vegetarian pizzas at the Jodhpur Park cafe. A little sweet and spicy, this is quite filling too. Rs 160-plus 
Chilli Chicken Pizza @ Traffic Gastropub: Naples comes to China Town in this pizza at the City Centre New Town address. If you like your pizza spicy and loaded, bet on this one. The bell peppers in soya sauce lend the Asian touch to the Italian street food. Rs 375-plus

Text: Sibendu Das
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Pictures: Rashbehari Das, B. Halder and Arnab Mondal