Crown jewels

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By Chunky rings and diamonds are among former Miss India Universe Nikita Anand’s prized possessions Photographs by Jagan Negi
  • Published 2.12.12

Style according to you is…

A combination of one’s personality, hairstyle, the way one dresses and one’s entire outlook to life

Five items in your closet you can’t do without

I am a huge fan of watches and my absolute favourite is a Guess watch. I also love my pair of well-fitted slim denims and three chunky rings.

Most extravagant buy

I am not too impulsive when it comes to shopping, but I recently bought an IWC watch.

Your favourite shopping destinations…

I love to shop in Milan, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

Favourite accessories..

I have a fetish for rings and always sport one. Be it in sapphire, silver or in gold, I like them all.

If money were no object, what would you add to your closet?

I love watches but very rarely do I find a piece that appeals to my sensibilities. I am always on the look-out for high-end watches. I would love to add more, but it just doesn’t happen very often.

If there was a fire, what would you save?

I would save my jewellery first — definitely all my diamonds.

Essentials in your handbag...

My wallet, house-keys and my M.A.C lip balm.

Indian designers whose creations you love wearing

Ritu Kumar’s saris.

Clothes, they say, maketh a man. True or false?

False. There’s more to a person than outward appearance.

What would you throw out on a cleaning spree?

I would throw out something that is old and probably doesn’t fit well anymore.

Biggest fashion faux pas…

Not that I can remember committing one. I know what looks good on me and that’s how I like to dress.

(As told to Varuni Khosla)