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By Bridgette Jones has the most effective make-up tricks up her sleeve
  • Published 17.10.10

I am 38. I am getting fine lines around my eyes. These make it difficult to wear eye-shadow as they cause creases. How can I hide these lines?

Sneha Sarin, Calcutta

Fine lines around the eyes can be caused by a combination of gravity, age, stress, expressiveness, sun damage, smoking, excessive alcohol, enviroment, illness, medication and poor nutrition. We can bring many of these things under control by making changes to our lifestyle.

Use a specialised eye cream around the delicate eye area. Sometimes, the cause of puffiness around the eyes can be a result of a heavy moisturiser residue. Use eye cream sparingly. Use your ring finger to dab the product around the eyes being careful not to go too close to the lashes.

Use only cream or mousse eye-shadows. They are usu-ally light weight, creamy and easy to apply and blend. You can apply creams using fingers or brushes. Use a tapping or dabbing motion to gently press the product onto your eyelid until the cream is blended away with no harsh edges.

Cream and mousse eyes-shadows give a much more subtle effect than powder and are great for getting a soft wash of colour. Cream eye-shadows are great for older skin.