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Bridgette Jones Has The Most Effective Make-up Tricks Up Her Sleeve   |   Published 18.09.11, 12:00 AM

I’ve had my hair straightened. However, due to a recent spate of hair-fall the front of my scalp hair has thinned out. This is looking more obvious now that my hair is straight. Could you please suggest some hairstyles that can tackle this problem?

Meher, email

Fringes come in all shapes and sizes, so take your time and pick one that suits your face and hair.

To the side — Try it soft and sweeping for a sexy and hugely versatile look.

To the front — Have your stylist cut the fringe further back and take it deeper and wider than it actually is. Even if you have fine hair, this will create an illusion of a heavier fringe.

Layer it up — Build body and add movement to fine hair by liberally spraying damp hair with a heat-protecting styling spray, then roughly blow dry to create loads of volume and texture.

Volume in a 60’s style can be achieved by placing a few large rollers at the back of the head and back-combing the underside of the strands immediately after drying. Comb the covering hair straight and fix with a spray.

Bump it up — The bump-it is a revolutionary new way to turn your flat limp hair into the most voluminous hair in just seconds. It is a comfortable, self gripping insert that is hidden within your hair to create the perfect amount of volume for your hair. It comes in three different sizes — small, medium and large.

All you need to do is create a parting across the crown of your hair — 2 to 3 inches from where your hairline begins on your forehead. Place the bump-it on the head right on the section of hair that was divided, once inserted cover the bump-it with the front section of the hair, lightly mist with hair spray and you’re ready to have a confident day !

beauty tips

• To remove a stubborn tangle in your hair, lubricate with conditioner and gently pick free with a bobby pin with coated tips. Avoid using water as it will cause the knot to tighten as it dries

• If you have fine limp hair that needs body, blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. This adds volume to the hair.

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