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Bridgette Jones has the most effective hair and make-up tricks up her sleeve

By Bridgette Jones
  • Published 23.10.16

Well executed make-up always boosts a woman’s self confidence and makes her feel good about herself. So, here are some tricks and tools that’ll help you highlight your features in the best possible way, like a pro! 

To begin with, selecting the right foundation is the biggest make-up challenge. For, you must know the ideal finish that’ll suit your skin type. Foundations with a matte finish suit normal to oily skin, while dewy ones work well on dry skin and luminous and satin finishes suit almost all skin types. To achieve a natural look, layer the face with a sheer foundation, then dot the concealer on any small imperfections. A dusting powder is a must too as it sets the foundation giving it a velvety softness. Apply it using a powder brush, but be careful to not over-blend. For best results, apply a little bit of powder at a time to ensure even coverage.

To achieve a perfect brow, select a powder that matches your brow colour. Apply it with a small and stiff, angled brow brush in short feathery strokes following the natural hair-growth pattern .

As for the eyes, note that it takes three shades to shape and enhance them. You’ll need a highlighter, a mid-tone and a contour shade. Also, define your eyes using a pencil and eyeliner (liquid, cake, pen or a cream-based will do) and make your lashes look longer and thicker by applying mascara correctly. Two or three thinly-applied coats are far more effective than a single clumpy one.

A blush and bronzer work together to brighten the cheeks and face. Never wear the blush close to your nose, nor must it exceed the width of two fingers. Keep separate brushes for the bronzer and blush to keep each colour clean and pure.

Finally, for those luscious lips, invest in a good lip pencil to avoid lipsticks from feathering and bleeding. Get a good lip liner too for longer lasting lipstick. Here too, choosing the correct formula for the desired effect is important. Glossy is always sexy while a shiny formula makes your lips appear fuller and more youthful. Those with dry lips must stay away from matte lipsticks. Remember, darker shades make your lips look smaller and lighter ones fuller.

So, now that you are armed with all the knowledge, pat the warpaint and get set to sizzle!

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