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Bridgette Jones has the most effective hair and make-up tricks up her sleeve

  • Published 12.07.15

Contouring has emerged as the latest buzzword in the beauty industry. This is so as an increasing number of women with full or round faces want to make them appear slimmer. The easiest way of achieving this is by ‘sculpting’ the face with foundation and powder in a manner so as to make the shape of the face appear oval, which is considered to be beautiful.

For an oval look, follow the basic ‘sculpting’ method. To begin with, select three shades of foundation or powder with three different depths. The first colour should match your skin tone exactly, which means that it’s your true foundation colour. The second shade, your highlight colour, should be one level lighter than the first colour. And the third shade, your contour colour, should be one level darker than your first or foundation colour. Do ensure that there isn’t a dramatic difference between the three shades.

Once you’ve settled on these shades, you can get started with the process of super-sculpted facial contouring. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

Begin by applying the first or your true foundation colour all over the face. Then visualise or trace an oval around your face. The width of the oval should encompass your eye sockets while the height and length of the oval should extend from the top of your forehead to the tip of your chin.

Then apply your second or highlight foundation colour to the high points inside the oval. This includes your forehead, the area under the eyes, the top of the cheekbones and the top of your chin. 

Finally, use the contour (or darkest) shade and apply it to the areas outside the oval including the temples, along the hairline and the sides of your cheeks. By deepening the outer areas you are visually helping those areas recede, making your face appear more narrow and oval.

And if you want to narrow the width of your nose, the trick is to highlight down the centre of your nose. Then smooth on the contouring shade on the sides of your nose which will make your nose appear narrower. 

To complete the contoured look, you can finish with a powder that matches your true foundation shade and a darker bronzing powder to match your contour shade. This will give you a beautifully sculpted, three-dimensional effect.

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