Comfort food from the mountains of Thailand


  • Published 20.07.18

If you have been craving a vacay to Thailand lately, it’s time to head straight to Zen at The Park and dig into some yummy dishes from the country. The Oriental speciality restaurant is hosting a Chiang Mai food festival, which offers delicacies from the northern mountainous part of Thailand.

The menu, curated by executive chef Ananchai Suttison, sous chef Tawee Chaichana and chef de partie Jinnipha Ketkaew, is loaded with pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes. Northern Thailand cuisine is influenced by Myanmar and China, so ginger and turmeric are commonly found in most of the dishes.

“Since Chiang Mai is in the northern part, the weather is cold and people there eat more pork, red meat and the usage of dry meat is common. Hence the menu has many pork dishes. You also get very good fresh water fish in those regions,” said chef Sharad Dewan, regional director, food production, The Park Hotels.

What: Chiang Mai food festival

Where: Zen, The Park

Timing: 7pm to midnight, all days except Monday

Meal for two: Rs 1,200 (all inclusive)

Khao Kriab Na Kai: Minced chicken is marinated with fresh herbs and chillies, placed atop crispy wafers that you need to pop into your mouth and let the spice hit your tongue! This starter is hot yet addictive and you cannot stop at one.
Pla Moo: Steamed pork, cucumber, spring onions, tomatoes, chopped coriander leaves and onions are stirred together and dressed with ginger, garlic flakes, lemon juice, salt and chillies. The key behind the delicious salad is the use of fresh, crunchy veggies.
Keang Yuak Sai Wunsen: If you thought Chiang Mai food was all about non-vegetarian dishes, then you are mistaken. Enjoy a portion of Jasmine Sticky Rice with the delicious banana stem curry. Cooked with ingredients like kaffir lime, yellow bean, chilli paste, lemongrass and glass noodles, this one has a fresh aroma and very light taste.
Sab Pa Rod Tom Krong Moo-kai: If you find comfort in a warm bowl of soup, this one will make you happy. This clear soup is made with pork and Thai pineapple slices, which lends it aroma and mild sweetness, while the pork fat gives a salty taste.
Lab Pla: Super soft with a striking Thai taste, this dry fish curry is made with tilapia fish, which is steamed and deboned. A paste of lemongrass, onion, dry red chilli and galangal is sauteed with shrimp paste and fish sauce until well done. The fish is then added and cooked further and served with Thai coriander and spring onions. 

Text: Pramita Ghosh

Pictures: Pabitra Das