Clothes steal the show

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  • Published 6.09.18

Online shopping is an ongoing happy story. Apparently 310 million is the number of Indians active on Internet and the population is expected to increase by 35% to 419 million by 2020.

Within online shopping, apparel remains the biggest segment. Almost 35% of the total revenue from online sales comes from apparel and dress materials.

According to data released by online shopping brands Myntra and Jabong, not only is the number of online shoppers 
increasing, their profile is also changing. About 50% of the consumers are now from rural areas, a great jump compared to previous years.

The brands also pointed out the categories within the apparel segment that are growing fast:

 Fast fashion has grown 6 times in the last two years.

 The premium market  has grown 4 times in the last two years. The north accounts for 40% of spends on luxury products and services, with Delhi NCR leading.

 The accessories category grew by 4 times in the last year, especially sportswear accessories.

 Sustainable fashion style category grew 3 times on Myntra in the last year. 

 Beauty and personal care grew 3 times in the last year. A 63% increase was seen in the number of people who are using GIFs and emojis in the last year. And women shoppers constitute only 45% of the total number. Then why blame women for shopping?