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Check out these fun videos

These internet gems will keep taking you back to them again and again
Cotton candy burrito

Urvashi Bhattacharya   |   Published 25.10.20, 09:46 PM

Horse grooming:

Horses are beautiful animals but they also have to be taken care of. What begins as a hairy horse ends up looking as sharp as ever. We love how carefully the farmer/jockey shaves off the excess hair on the animals, layer by layer. Other than trimming the hair, jockeys also clip the horse’s hooves after intense cleaning. First the horseshoes are taken off and then the mud and dirt are scraped off. Finally, the hooves are trimmed and properly shaped before putting on a new set of horseshoes.

Carpet cleaning

It is quite funny how watching things getting cleaned can have you glued to a video. And an item that is cleaned throughly, and recorded for some reason, is carpets. Something about the way the cleaner pushes out the soapy water, layer by layer, revealing a clean carpet. While watching these videos one may start looking for spots that the cleaner may have missed but luckily the cleaner manages to do a good job, the prominent ones at least, which gives you that “Yes, thank God” feeling.

Cotton-candy burrito

These videos literally look like happiness in a burrito. The video starts with candyfloss being made using a candyfloss maker. It is then laid out flat and filled with all the treats you can imagine — cookies, gummy bear, sprinkles, cereal, candy, marshmallows, ice cream… you name it! How does it get it’s perfect ending? The burrito is cut down the middle, exposing all the stuffing with some of it falling out. Delish! Too bad we could only eat the treat with our eyes.

Car stickers

Have you ever stumbled upon a girl applying and removing stickers from different cars, giving them a quirky look? Although there’s not much about her on the Internet, she goes by the handle @Garbo8868 on Tik Tok. It’s amazing to see how she works her away around different cars with blades and stickers. We love the way she uses a hairdryer to get rid of wrinkles and air bubbles, which makes the stickers fit the cars perfectly.

Road painting

Have you ever wondered how some of the road signs are painted almost perfectly? Freehand road painting or thermoplastic road mapping starts with bags of paint being mixed in a giant vat and then placed in a hot melt kettle. It is the kettle that helps with the precision of the marking on the ground and watching the machine being used makes it satisfying to watch. The markings are then finished with a sprinkle of reflective glass beads.

Honey harvesting

Rich, raw honey is quite a delight to eat. And your cravings will increase after watching these scraping videos. Bee keepers, hopefully after taking precaution, scrape off the honey from the honeycomb which may make your mouth water.

Aloe vera

Most “aloe vera videos” concentrate on using it for medicinal and beauty purposes. But some will keep you engaged just because it makes for a satisfying watch when being cut. The way the knife is worked over the aloe vera leaf, exposing the healthy gel that forms inside it... why would you not want to squish that?! The gel is then used to make juice, gel, hair solutions and other products, but the videos have us glued to the screen.

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