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  • Published 17.10.17


We can’t stop watching reruns of a clip from The Jonathan Ross Show where Kit Harington aka our bae Jon Snow in Game of Thrones plays a wicked prank on fiancee Rose Leslie on April Fools’ Day by placing his (prosthetic) head inside a fridge. Rose went ballistic and Kit later admitted that she was so upset with his prank that she had threatened to call it quits if he ever did anything like that again! 

And while GoT season 8 is still very, very far away, we are excited that Kit will next play Robert Catesby, the mastermind behind the famous gunpowder assassination plot of 1605, in Gunpowder, a BBC One mini-series. The trailer released last week and both Kit and the series look good. And Kit said in an interview that he is actually a descendant of Robert Catesby himself! How cool is that?!


We were shocked, disgusted and steaming mad after reading a comment written by a guy from Salt Lake on a city girl’s Facebook page. The girl’s post exposing this guy’s rape and violence threats went viral, received support from comedians Sorabh Pant, Jose Covaco and singer Chinmayi Sripaada, and an online petition calling for strict action gathered signatories swiftly. The offender has been arrested for his crime. 


Sparks flew inside and outside the Bigg Boss house in the very first week of Season 11! Zubair Khan, said to be a “commoner contestant”, though as the son-in-law of deceased underworld don Haseena Parkar, he’s anything but, made headlines when he filed an FIR against Bigg Boss host Salman Khan for allegedly defaming him on national television. While none of us much cared for Zubair, we’re keen to see how this new brush with the cops plays out for Bhai. 


We are excited that we will get to see Nicolas Flamel from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the next Fantastic Beasts movie. If you remember, Flamel was the renowned alchemist who created the Philosopher’s Stone. In the film, the Frenchman who lived to be 690 years (in 1992) will be played by Brontis Jodorowsky. No, even we don’t know this Mexican actor (in case you were wondering). We are also intrigued by the fact that two famous Death Eaters, Travers and Rosier, are going to be a part of Fantastic Beasts. New characters like Spielman, Arnold Guzman and Bunty have also been added. The magical universe is expanding and we are charmed!


When one Bryant Johnson got arrested for being drunk in public in Wyoming in the US, guess what he did? He claimed to be a time traveller from 2048 who was supposed to go back in time to 2018 but landed in 2017 instead. He also tried to warn the cops of an impending alien attack and said aliens had filled his body with alcohol. While some of us are sharing the news report as #ExcuseGoals, some of us can’t help but wonder, what if he was telling the truth?! #ForewarnedButIgnored


We are more than ready to be “all in” after the new Justice League “Heroes” trailer as DC’s superteam dives in to battle all kinds of foes. And we hope that it is not going to be the same old plot of a mass metropolitan tragedy caused by an oh-so-destructive extraterrestrial species, or at least only that.  Well, we are more than ready to find out this November.
But there are other things from the DC Universe that has us humming with excitement. We’ve been wondering if it is now going to be Batman and wife, instead of Batman and Catwoman, after Bruce Wayne’s proposal in DC

Entertainment’s Batman #25. Four months later as we jump to issue No. 32, Selina Kyle aka the Catwoman’s answer is a ‘yes’. And while we are really excited about the outcome, we can’t help but wonder if this relationship isn’t already doomed given the sadness that drives Batman.

We also  can’t help talk about the steamy kiss Gal Gadot shared with actress Kate McKinnon as GG reprised her role as Diana Prince in a Wonder Woman parody on Saturday Night Live. 


Big green man Mark Ruffalo, who takes us fans with him to every Marvel premiere and even a “secret” photoshoot with the cast of the MCU, accidentally leaked the audio of the first 10 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok because he forgot to turn off Instagram live on his phone! The Hulk actor put the phone in his front pocket, which continued to record the premiere with 2,500 fans still tuned it. We aren’t complaining; who wouldn’t want a sneak peek into one of the biggest superhero movies of the year?! 

And then the awesome happened. The actor apologised to Marvel on Twitter... wait for it... by retweeting Archita Mittra, a third-year English student of Jadavpur University! 

Archita’s feed has since been flooded with people replying to her tweet, and when she realised that Bruce Banner himself had retweeted saying, “All kidding aside... I’m sorry @Marvel. Can I have my phone back?”, she did the only thing fangirls can be expected to do in such a situation — scream about it in her room really loudly for a really long time. The Shyambazar girl is still lost in a daze of happiness and disbelief. 


The Pune edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender has something additional — The Comedy Tent, where stand-up comics like Kanan Gill, Kaneez Surka, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Rohan Joshi, Atul Khatri and more will be performing between December 8 and 10. This news made us Calcuttans pretty unhappy. Why don’t cool things like this happen in our city? Not to mention Pune’s stellar music line-up, including Steve Vai and Cigarettes After Sex. *sigh*


Whispers about Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas dating are back after Demi’s suggestive new song, Ruin The Friendship, which has lyrics like “your body is looking good tonight, I’m thinking we should cross the line”, which is rumoured to be about bestie Nick. Everyone knows they’re really thick, and who can forget their totes adorbs carpool karaoke with James Corden?! Demi chose not to comment on The Ellen Degeneres Show about who the song was about, but we Lovatics can’t help thinking if #Nemi will be a thing now! #BestieTurnsBae 


Three games later, Team India’s run at the U-17 World Cup has come to a full stop, but we’ll remember this tournament because of the support our boys received. #BleedBlue screamed the Internet, only this time in support of a young football team, not the nation’s prized cricketing side. Also, it gave us goosebumps when 46,000-odd fans across all ages sang the Indian National Anthem before India’s debut in a World Cup tournament, against the United States.


We loved that the Supreme Court, after outlawing instant triple talaq recently, has now ruled that intercourse with a girl under the age of 18 even if she is your wife will be termed as rape. The ruling is welcome especially since a few months back a move to make marital rape a crime in India was defeated. The law to protect child brides is definitely a step in the right direction for women and children’s rights. Now, to outlaw child marriage altogether! 

Text: Rushati Mukherjee, Sehrish Hazarika, Debolina Banerjee, Rushabh Shah and Sulogna Ghosh