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Stan Lee is the Marvel superhero who did not need a cape

Some nuggets from the incredible life of Stan Lee

By Sriparna Ray and Rahul Awasthi
  • Published 13.11.18, 3:00 PM
  • Updated 13.11.18, 4:09 PM
  • a min read

Stan Lee, the man who gave us an alternate, super-powerful pop culture universe, is no more. But we will continue to see glimpses of him in his fantastic superheroes. “As extraordinary as the characters he created”, is how The Walt Disney Company CEO and chairman, Bob Iger, described Lee in a statement.

“Original and genius are two very overused words in the world today, but Stan was both. Add irrepressible and irreplaceable, and you begin to describe the man,” Sony Pictures’ Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman said.

From Spider-Man to Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, Stan Lee has created comic characters that have revolutionalised our imagination and added a touch of magic to our ordinary lives.

Here are five facts from the life of Marvel’s original superhero. 

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