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How to be a successful plant parent

Learn the ABC of styling your plants, with these gardening books

Faiza Hazarika (t2 Intern) Published 26.05.21, 04:42 AM

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How To Grow Your Dinner: Without Leaving The House by Claire Ratinon

A beginner-friendly how-to, this book dives deep into the problem of gardening amidst the urban jungle where a patch of free soil is harder to find than you think. Author Claire Ratinon presents a quick fix and brings the garden inside, exploring the possibilities of growing vegetables in a non-traditional setting. The book covers everything from how to use your indoor gardening space more efficiently, identifying the plants that are best suited for the concrete environment, which tools to use, and plant disasters that budding urban gardeners should keep an eye out for.


How Not to Kill Your Houseplants: A Beginner’s Guide to Plant Parenting by Trisha Bora

Houseplants are tricky to take care of, and near impossible to keep alive for those without a green thumb. Author Trisha Bora breaks down the reasons why your houseplants just don’t want to cooperate with you, and how you can turn that around with some TLC. The book explores and identifies the right plants to keep indoors, considering the climate of India, the right light requirements for each plant, how and when to water them, how to propagate different plant parts and what the best potting mixes are. Accompanied with plenty of photographs, charts, and pointers, it promises to make your plant parenting career a tad bit easier.

Lessons from Plants by Beronda L. Montgomery

Some would wager that to have a thriving garden one should know about the inner workings of plants. Author Beronda L. Montgomery gives you a comprehensive look into the world of everything green. This book explores the connection between plant behaviour and how the same can be introduced into human life and living. The author explores plant coexistence, adaptation, what stimuli they respond to, the ecosystems they are a part of and puts it in the human context for an in-depth botanic experience and meditative study into what connects us to our leafy friends.

Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Pots: Planting Advice & Recipes from Great Dixter by Aaron Bertelson

If you follow this book then you can have your plant and eat it too, quite literally. A comprehensive guide to indoor gardening that comes with illustrations galore straight from Great Dixter, the heart and soul of English gardening, the author not only provides you with a step-by-step method for planting seeds and growing them in anything from tiny terracotta pots, window boxes, to recycled containers, he also provides his readers with several plant-based recipes that you can cook your self-grown achievements with. From Grilled Summer Vegetables with Feta to Baked Apricots with Bay and Honey, this guidebook has it all.

Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild by Lucy Jones

Meticulously researched by the author, this book is all about reconnecting with ourselves by reconnecting with nature first. This book encourages you to find your way towards all things natural and surround yourself with your leafy friends to indulge in what the book calls “ecotherapy”. If you need a motivating push to start your own little garden at home, then this book has every reason listed that would be a great idea for you. Packed with physical, emotional, and mental benefits that will boost your overall well-being, this book gives you the science behind why tending a garden is a good idea that will make your life a little more cheery.

Flower: Exploring The World In Bloom by Shane Connolly

Not so much into the greens as you are into the blues, pinks and purples of gardening? Author Shane Connolly takes you through the history, background and origin of flowers from all over the world so you can get an insight into the varied kinds of blossoms that exist, and choose the ones you can consider to grow and take care of at home. A brilliant book to take some floral inspiration from, it takes you through the life of flowers as they have been depicted and used in art, culture and history so that you can find the perfect blossom that matches your aesthetic.

Palace of Palms: Tropical Dreams And The Making Of Kew by Kate Teltscher

If you’re close to giving up on your stubborn garden and house plants and instead, desperately need to hear some success stories where man triumphs over the uncooperative, villainous weeds, the story of the Palm House in Kew Gardens is the one for you. The author takes you through the perseverance of the people who tended to Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, the challenges they faced, the scientific breakthroughs made, the vision behind the project, and the massive undertaking of the same to make it what it is today. A true gardening masterpiece worth knowing about for every plant lover.

Happy Bonsai: Choose It, Shape It, Love It by Michael Tran

Bonsais are a popular plant decor option for budding plant parents who love a good aesthetic. Get to know all the bonsai trade secrets, from identifying different types of bonsais to a detailed step-by-step guide for how to shape, prune and style your bonsais using more than 20 different techniques and ways. This book provides you with the ABCs of bonsai tending, what to expect from the popular plant, the best ways to take care of them, their soil, water, space and light requirements and uses detailed illustrations and descriptions to present the same.

Wild At Home: How To Style And Care For Beautiful Plants by Hilton Carter

The most important part of keeping houseplants is styling them right, and that can often pose to be a challenge since plants have a mind of their own and grow whichever way they please. Author Hilton Carter offers an exhaustive guide on how to grow, where to place, and how to style your potted friends from how to arrange them around the house, how to find the right pot, how to propagate and prune them, how to combine different shapes and sizes to get a pleasing effect, how to create your own air plant display and much more.

How To Raise A Plant And Make It Love You Back by Morgan Doane

This book sets out to help new plant parents take care of the “terrible trees” (pun intended) and covers topics like plant selection and maintenance with easy-to-follow care instructions, DIY plant projects, and finally, a guide on how you can style your potted friends. Everything from identifying the right tools, plant propagation, what to look out for when shopping for plants online, as well as an in-depth discussion about different plant types with many striking illustrations, make this book a comfortable read for new enthusiasts.

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