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Flight of fantasy

Travel the only way possible now –– by immersing yourself in these travel books of course!

Drishti Arora (t2 Intern)   |   Published 06.05.21, 02:22 AM

Unforgettable Journey: Slow Down and See the World by DK Eyewitness

A visual guide ready to take you on 200 different journeys! Unforgettable Journey is one of those books which allow you to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of travel. This guide is organised according to different types of transportations, whichever inspires you — by car, bike, rail, water, or even on foot. Experience an adventure from riding the Orient Express to driving Route 66 and walking the Camino de Santiago.


The book will also take you to off-beat path of travels by cycling around Botswana and kayaking through Finnish Lakeland.

Hidden Places: An Inspired Traveler’s Guide by Sarah Baxter

Author and journalist Sarah Baxter has come up with the world’s 25 secret places. A truly fascinating book, which has a variety of suggestions from ancient towns, remote locations to unforgettable cities and places purposefully obscured as sanctuaries from persecution. The stories of each destination is truly mesmerising and adventure lovers should get ready to embark on this journey.

Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Guidebooks and non-fiction ones are a great way to learn about and explore the world. But this fiction novel gives it its all to get you absorbed in a mesmerising world. Lina is not in the mood for Italy’s warm summer air, fairy-tale world and gelato but ventures out to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Who knows when there might be something exciting in store for her? We love Italy. Moreover, because someone told Lina, “You know, people come to Italy for all sorts of reasons, but when they stay its for the same two things. Love and gelato.”

Lands of Lost Borders: A Journey on the Silk Road by Kate Harris

A memoir of Kate Harris, Lands of Lost Borders is an account of her journeys on bike along the Silk Road. Explore a connection to the natural world and get to know the importance of breaking the boundaries we set for ourselves. A much-needed book for all the adventure lovers out there.

Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval

This book shares stories of over more than 200 beautiful, idiosyncratic and interesting places that Wes Anderson accidentally began as a catalogue of stunning, historical destinations. Now authorized by Wes Anderson himself, the book covers some quirky landmarks and unexpected narratives. This book can be used as an inspiration for all modern travelers and fans of Wes Anderson.

Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube: Chasing Fear and Finding Home in the Great White North by Blair Braverman

A great memoir of Braverman which explores her love for the North, it tells the tale of the author who was 18 when she left home and moved to the Arctic. The book gives an account of her adventures in Norway and Alaska. Despite her fears and dangers in the North, Braverman’s quest for travel did not stop. This journey towards self-discovery and self-independence is relatable as well as an inspiration for every women.

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

This is a story of a Cuban-American woman who travels to Havana and discovers the roots of her identity. The novel is based in Havana, peppered with romantic stories of Cuba. Perfect for those who love to read romance and mystery with a touch of travel!

Art Hiding in New York: An Illustrated Guide to the City’s Secret Masterpieces by Lori Zimmer

New York is a city full of art, history, creativity and architecture. Travel across Manhattan and discover sites like Jean-Michel Basquiat’s studio, iconic Keith Haring murals, the controversial site of Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc, Roy Lichtenstein’s subway station commission, and many more. This book contains some of the most beautiful locations for all art and travel lovers out there.

Honouring High Places: The Mountain Life of Junko Tabei by Junko Tabei

Junko Tabei is the first woman to climb the Mount Everest and the Seven Summits. Her book Honouring High Places is a collection of stories based on her experiences of mountaineering. It also talks about her early life, ups and downs in the pursuit of this mountain journey. People who love the  mountains, this book is a source of motivation for you.

The Crossway by Guy Stagg

Guy Stagg shares his account of an on-foot 10-month journey from Canterbury to Jerusalem. He undertakes this trek and sets off from Kent, crossing the Alps. It is truly a book of wonders, with his memoir and travel experiences. Despite being a non-believer, Stagg went for this pilgrimage, leaving us a message of self-healing.

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