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Best foot forward

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Designer Sanjana Jon Confesses To An Uncontrollable Shoe Fetish Photographs By Rupinder Sharma(AS TOLD TO SAIMI SATTAR)   |   Published 27.03.11, 12:00 AM

Style according to you is…

Personal. What matters most is that what you wear should suit you rather than following trends blindly.

You have a fetish for

Sunglasses, and even more so for shoes. There’s no way I can resist buying a good pair of boots. I’m completely sold on them.

What do you like to mix and match?

I prefer wearable luxury and team the simple with the exotic and the traditional with the modern.

The trend you are sporting at the moment

Boots in different colours. They are trendy yet comfortable.

Did you ever go through any wild fashion phase?

In New York we went through a total grunge and Goth phase.

Whose closet do you envy and why?

I envied the wardrobes of Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn. I think they were the most beautiful and best dressed women and it didn’t matter what they wore, they always managed to look awesome. Their attitude and sense of comfort was incredibly sensual and appealing.

Biggest fashion faux pas…

Blindly following fashion and wearing clothes that don’t fit you or suit you. What looks good on a size zero, 6ft tall model will not look the same on an average woman.

A fashion/beauty tip...

Learn your body type and highlight your assets. Wear comfortable clothes that look good on you and learn to buy clothes that are convertible and wearable in different styles. Personalise your style to enhance your beauty.

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