Be yourself

Young girls and ladies out there, don’t feel the pressure.... always be proud of yourself. Each and every woman is beautiful the way she is... — Karisma Kapoor

  • Published 17.10.17
Karisma Kapoor sported a Jimmy Choo bag complemented by a Kiran Uttam Ghosh outfit and Karan Johar’s jewellery (Tyaani) when she dropped by at the Jimmy Choo store in DLF Emporio (Delhi). “I thought the outfit was absolutely stunning! It was actually a maxi in the sari drape. It was really modern at the same time with Indian aesthetics. I thought that was really pretty. And Karan is multitalented, so why not jewellery as well?! He is a friend, so it was fun. The earrings were very different… the kundan tops. I think they complemented the outfit. And of course the bag, it was subtly coordinated really well,” Karisma told t2. What’s Calcutta in Karisma’s closet? “I love wearing all the Calcutta designers. Of course Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Nupur Kanoi… I think they are all super talented,” she smiled.  

Luminous, striking, stylish, glowing… these are some of the adjectives that will come to mind when you scroll down Karisma Kapoor’s Instagram profile. And then the question: HOW? We tried to find out in a Q&A with Karisma over phone soon after she dropped by in Delhi to check out the limited edition Jimmy Choo collection made especially for the Jimmy Choo stores in India. The collection comprises two clutches and a scarf.      

What are you loving about this limited edition collection of bags and scarves that’s exclusively for Jimmy Choo stores in India?

It’s really special because it is specially designed for India. I think it is a beautiful concept. It’s three products… two bags and a lovely scarf. Jimmy Choo asked me to be a part of this and it was a pleasure. I think the young ladies out there are going to really enjoy carrying these bags because they are so festive and pretty and I think it’s perfect for the season. 

Do you have a lot of Jimmy Choos in your closet?

Definitely! I think Jimmy Choo shoes are a must-have. They are super comfortable. 

What’s your collection of bags like?

I am a big collector. I am a Cancerian. So, I love to hoard things! I have things right from 15 years ago and I am hoping they will become vintage once my daughter (Samaira) is ready to carry them. I am emotional about stuff! (Laughs) You will find all sorts of bags… big totes, clutches… I love handbags. You will find a lot of blacks. Like every girl, I think shoes and bags are a must.

Do Kareena and you share fashion notes?  

We both mix and match and collect. We always discuss that we shouldn’t end up getting the same stuff. It has often happened that we have bought the same bag on different occasions… ‘OMG, why did we do this?!’ Now it is sharing among three… there will be Samaira also to whom we will hopefully pass on stuff. 

What’s in your handbag?

OMG, loads of stuff. Apart from phones, wallet, keys… there will be some nuts and a protein bar, chocolates… my kids’ planners and timetables. My bag is super heavy with all sorts of stuff in it! 

What’s Diwali looking like this year?

Diwali is always about the family, just hanging out with family, eating some yummy mithai…

Do you have mithai?!

Of course! Of course! (Laughs) I am a big foodie. It’ll be pretty low-key in that sense… just about hanging out with the family. 

What’s the secret to look like Karisma Kapoor?

Honestly, what is important and I tell this to everyone, please don’t feel the pressure. I do not do too much. I just be me, myself. I don’t do much to my skin. I think both  Kareena and me are blessed with great genes. It’s about being fit and healthy living and that’s what I have always propagated. Right from my teens when I was in the industry, even when I was in school and I used to swim a lot, I used to dance a lot… do a lot of natural things… that’s what’s very important. I do a lot of yoga, but my workout regimen is my private space. That’s the way I have always been and I continue to be that way. Young girls and ladies out there, don’t feel the pressure. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you will just glow from within. 

Is there anything that you have discovered of late, in terms of fitness?

I am very old-fashioned. My simple routine is that I do a lot of power yoga. I walk around my building compound. I run up the staircase. For me the simple things in life are important. New things will come and go and I am sure they are fantastic, but I believe old is gold. 

What are your all-time fashion faves? 

I am someone who dresses for herself. I don’t go with the trends… I don’t go with what’s in and happening that I need to wear. I pick up things from my own closet which may be years old, but they still look trendy today. It’s always good to mix and match things. I do have a particular style and that’s the way I have been. Black and white… I also love nude colours. I stick to my style. Sometimes I experiment in a different way… like, I’ll carry a key piece… whether it is an interesting handbag or a nice piece of jewellery or make an interesting hairstyle… I think you should play up one element. Not 10! 

Raima Sen checked out the Jimmy Choo collection at the luxury chain’s Calcutta store at Quest. “I have a lot of clutches. They look very nice with evening wear. You can carry this one with both saris and a cocktail dress. It is in gold and will go with a lot of things,” said the pretty actress. 
Picture: Pabitra Das

What are you loving right now?

Well, it is the festive season. So, I love wearing Indian clothes, frankly. I really enjoy Indian silhouettes. Our Indian designers are doing such a great job now in doing the fusion looks also. Of course the classic sari is an all-time favourite, but I love these fusion looks nowadays and I enjoy wearing them. 

What’s me-time like?

Spending time with my kids [Samaira and Kiaan] which is of utmost importance. That’s the most pleasurable thing of my day. I love going for a school run, watching TV… simple things. I am a TV buff and love watching old shows from the ’70s and ’80s. From Dynasty to Three’s Company… I watch everything down to the latest shows. So, it’s a big mixed bag. I don’t get the time to watch too many movies. If I get the time, I would definitely catch up on Bollywood movies. Honestly the last movie I watched was Dangal! (Laughs) I do like to catch up on all the good movies. 

What’s your top tip for all the women reading this?

Be yourself. Wear clothes that suit you, your personality, your body type… I think a woman should always be proud of herself. Each and every woman is beautiful the way they are.

Saionee Chakraborty

The embroidery on the Celeste bag and scarf echoes my love for jewellery. It is something I find myself collecting, anything from inexpensive pieces from local markets in India or a precious stone set in a surprising way. Some of my most treasured pieces have been found when travelling in India. I was also inspired by the floating diyas. I love both pieces and how the design on the Celeste clutch is echoed on the scarf, one is a structured piece and the other fluid, they complement each other beautifully. 

The intricate embroidery on the limited edition Diwali Celeste evening bag is created in a tonal palette of gold using metallic thread and delicate sequin details that shine and sparkle with a luminosity that reflects the spirit of the Diwali celebration. The gold tones can be paired with a wide variety of outfits, from colourful brights to neutrals, it is a timeless and beautiful piece.

Indian women have the confidence to embrace colour with such passion, it feels both refined and glamorous, beautiful and feminine and most of all, full of a sense of happiness and life 

— Sandra Choi, creative director, Jimmy Choo