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Xaverians and non-xaverians come together to pay their tribute to Mother Earth

Six-minute video conceptualised by Film Federation Of India president, and music composed by percussionist Subhen Chatterjee
Father Dominic Savio
Father Dominic Savio
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Malancha Dasgupta   |   Published 05.06.20, 04:14 PM

After donating money to the state and the central funds, and helping underprivileged families, St. Xavier’s College Calcutta Alumni Association (SXCCAA) has come up with a music video, Jai ho maa, as a tribute to mother earth. The six-minute video that is conceptualised by Firdausul Hasan, president of Film Federation Of India, and music composed by percussionist Subhen Chatterjee, features Xaverians and non-Xaverians from all walks of life — Father Dominic Savio, principal of St. Xavier’s College; musicians Subhen Chatterjee, Sambit Chatterjee, Ratul Shankar; guitarist Suvam Moitra; singers Jolly Mukherjee, Miss Jojo, Rupankar, Anupam Roy, Raghab Chatterjee, Iman Chakraborty, Lagnajita Chakraborty; actors Prosenjit Chatterjee, Rituparna Sengupta, Abir Chatterjee, Gargee Roychowdhury, Sohini Sarkar, Tnusree C, Paayel Sarkar, Chitrangada Satarupa; entrepreneurs Harsh Neotia, Sanjay Budhia, Sanjiv Goenka; neurosurgeon Kunal Sarkar; dancers Mamata Shankar, Alokananda Roy; directors Kamaleswar Mukherjee, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Arindam Sil; sports personalities Jaidip Mukerjea, Ranadeb Bose, Devang Gandhi; Xaverians Firdausul Hasan, Sanjib Koner, Srikant Jain, Dharman Trivedi, Sudhir Maheswari, and Arvind Bubna.

Check out the music video on YouTube and Facebook (@sxccaa).


6. We decided to unite and pay tribute to our mother nature through this unique music video for a better future for us and our upcoming generations

— Sanjib Koner, honorary secretary, SXCCAA

8. I know that in these difficult times we have to maintain distance, even from our close ones. But isolation doesn’t mean staying aloof. We need to be with each other even when we stay far. And there’s nothing that we can’t achieve if we are together

— Prosenjit Chatterjee

9. We are going through an unprecedented tough and turbulent times for which we are equally responsible. Mankind has been cruel to nature. Through this music video we plead to mother earth for forgiveness — Sanjay Budhia

10. I hope everyone stays safe and follows all the precautions. And don’t just take care of yourself but also others. Never lose your morale

— Paayel Sarkar

16. This has been a great learning curve for me, personally. This is a reminder that we are tenants here, on earth. Many have moved on, so will we and new entrants will be awaiting their turn. So, enjoy life in the right way and thank God for everything

— Jolly Mukherjee

17. Humanity at large has waged a war against the curses of nature like the coronovirus pandemic, supercyclones, forest fires and so on. I pledge to fight the war along with all my fellow human beings across the globe. Let us be united and win the battle

— Kamaleswar Mukherjee

18. Patience and virtue are what we need during these hard times

— Lagnajita Chakraborty

19. Xaverians always do things which are out of the box. We are getting back what we have done to mother earth

— Arindam Sil

20. We are going through a tough time. I loved the composition of the song. Loved sharing screen with all the talented people 

— Iman Chakraborty

21. It is time we come together emotionally, keeping a safe distance physically. Over the years we have taken mother nature for granted and exploited her to the core. It is time to bow down and ask for forgiveness — Ratul Shankar

22. It is a fantastic idea by St.Xavier’s College to make people conscious about our environment. The video is very moving and touching

— Jaidip Mukherjea

23. Life is not always a bed of roses. We have to be hopeful. Hope helps us to live. I am extremely hopeful. Little bit of hope and patience will help us to sail through this difficult time

— Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury 

11. The Xaverian spirit will be equal to the stiffest challenge. Our courage is blended with compassion. As there is ‘nothing beyond’ our love for others. Nihil Ultra 

— Kunal Sarkar

12. Jai ho maa depicts the ruthless human activities over the years, which destroyed mother nature and through this song we are pleading so that mother earth saves us all from these wrongdoings

— Subhen Chatterjee

13. It was lovely working with Subhen (Chatterjee) da. I loved the concept of this song

— Anupam Roy

14. Happy to be a part of this. We are going through a very vulnerable time. Life will never be the same but we must adjust for the betterment. May be mother earth wants us to heal ourselves and heal her too, which is why we are chanting one mantra — Jai ho maa. We must be more careful and keep everyone safe

— Gargee Roychowdhury

1. Mother nature is conducting an act of cleansing the earth through these devastating natural calamities. The year 2020 beckons us to unite for the holistic upliftment of the human race. We must prepare ourselves for resurgence and look forward to the virtuous impact of making our beloved world a sacredly happy habitat for the generations to come

— Father Dominic Savio

2. We have been abusing mother earth for a long time now. This is a reminder for us that it is time we correct ourselves. We not only need to keep ourselves safe but also others around us 

— Abir Chatterjee

3. Human beings were taking things for granted. We are small when compared to mother earth but we hurt animals and add to the pollution. Somehow, we are responsible for what is happening around us. It’s time we learn from our mistakes and value everything 

— Tnusree C

4. This situation has affected everyone. Amidst this crisis we are trying to spread some positivity. This is not the time to judge anyone or anything, it’s the time to help everyone and keep everyone safe

— Sohini Sarkar

5. At a time when mother nature does not look very happy with us, we thought of coming together to pay our homage to her through Jai ho maa. I am thankful to all the Xaverians and the non-Xaverians who came together for this initiative 

— Firdausul Hasan

15. I was delighted to join this laudable initiative. Both to boost the spirit within all of us that has been sagging due to the long, depressing lockdown and to pay my tribute to my alma mater, St. Xavier’s College. We collectively pray for the grace of God to help humanity overcome the present unprecedented challenges

Harshvardhan Neotia

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