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No more space in your wardrobe for old clothes? Tune in to these videos for creative recycling ideas

From pot hangers to cat swings, here's what you can make
Pot hanger

Malancha Dasgupta   |   Published 21.04.20, 02:47 PM

1. Video: 10 Easy Crafts with Old Clothes

By: HGTV Handmade


Don’t know what to do with old clothes? This video will give you 10 options to recycle them and create something new — door mats out of old tops, head wrap from an old piece of cloth, a bed for pets from an old sweater, a pot holder from sleeves of an old shirt, tote bags from an old T-shirt, and many others.

2. Video: 21 Old Jeans Reuse Craft Idea

By: Hetal’s Art

This is the best time to do up your room, a plan we have always had but never really found time for. So before we get busy with our work again, change the look of your room with the theme ‘jeans’. From wind chime, clock, jewellery box and photo frame to stationary organiser, make everything out of old jeans. You can also make a tote bag, home slippers, and door mat out of your old denims. If your walls still look empty, this video has quite a few wall hangings made out of denim.

3. Video: Best reuse idea of Old Leggings

By: 5-Minute Crafts girly

Want to add new outfits to your wardrobe? No, you don’t have to order online. Take inspiration from this video and recycle your old clothes to create new ones. From turning a denim shirt to a dress to turning a men’s shirt to a skirt, use your time to make these new attires. If you are into cooking, make yourself an apron from a T-shirt.

4. Video: 9 Old Jeans Jewelry Idea!!! Old Clothes Reuse

By: Hetal’s Art

This channel will inspire you to increase your jewellery collection. Danglers and chokers can never go out of fashion and from just one denim or dress you can make quite a few pairs of earrings and neckpieces.

5. Video: 9 Smart hacks to Reuse Old Clothes

By: Artkala

From mouse pad, coaster and cushions to pen stand, you can make quite a few utility things following this video. We all have that one old but favourite sari we can’t part with, use that to make colourful cushions for your room. Also, if you have pen stands, you can still make one more out of old clothes and use it to store toothbrush and toothpaste.

6. Video: A guide to crafty things that can be made from old clothes

By: Impressions Designstudios

Bored of wearing a sari over and over again? This video shows you how to convert it into a dupatta, book cover, cushion cover, table runner, and bed for your pet. You can also change the look of your bedroom. Gather all your old clothes but try to keep one dominant colour. Cut out patches and stitch them together to make bed covers, pillow covers and curtains.

7. Video: 10 Awesome ways to Reuse or Re-purpose old clothes

By: Learning Process

When your T-shirt gets too small for you, this video will be a saviour. All you need to do is turn it into a shrug, a jacket, or a kimono. You can also make tote bags and purses!

8.  Video: 10 Amazing DIY Ideas Craft Reuse Old Clothes

By: DIY Miniature

Let’s think out of the box and make something out of old clothes but without using thread and needle. From cushion covers, hairband, coaster to bed and swing for cats, you can make quite a few things with your old T-shirt.

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