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By The three Reddy sisters are each carving out their own careers in the world of glamour but stay in touch despite distances AS TOLD TO ARUNDHATI BASU
  • Published 10.12.05

It isn’t often that you get a family of three stunners who all step out in style and become familiar faces in the twin worlds of movies and modelling. But that’s the Reddy sisters ? Sushama, Meghna and Sameera ? who are carving out their own careers in the world of glamour.

It all started with second sister Meghna who decided to try her luck in the big, bad world of modelling and ended up becoming a famous face on Channel [V]. Since then Meghna with her waif-like features has become the face of the sensual Copper ad. At present, she is modelling in the US for the agency ‘One’ and is also exploring the modelling arena in Europe. She shuttles between New York and Greece.

Sushama Reddy, the eldest of the Reddy sisters, was the studious one and did an Economics degree at Mithibai College, Mumbai. She tried her hand at jewellery designing and learnt Japanese for two-and-a-half years. Initially she was not interested in modelling, but it was her sister Meghna who egged her on to enter the industry. Now, Sushama has appeared in a string of ad campaigns such as Tanishq, Bharti Telecom, Lakm?, Pond’s Lavender, Fair & Lovely and Thums-Up. Sushama has taken another jump sideways and recently played a journalist in Vivek Agnihotri’s Chocolate. At present, she is busy wrapping up a Priyadarshan film with actors Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor.

Youngest sister Sameera started out as a spokesperson for Omega where she clinched deals with ambassadors Aishwarya Rai and Shah Rukh Khan. However she first came to notice in the music video Ahista by Pankaj Udhaas and started modelling. Her debut film, Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, was opposite Salman’s younger brother Sohail Khan. Sameera has been described as Mumbai’s Jennifer Lopez by director Sanjay Gupta and has come a long way from her debut film to become Bollywood’s latest oomph symbol. Her future projects include Sachin Bajaj’s Khoj, Milan Luthria’s Taxi Number Nau Do Gyarah, Anees Bazmee’s Benaam and an untitled film.

The Reddys were born and brought up in Mumbai where their father runs his own pharmaceutical company. Their mother Nakshatra, who the girls call Nikki, is a microbiologist and works with an NGO that is involved with cancer patients.


We are completely different people. Sameera is shy, Meghna is the boho chick, while I am the go-getter. At the dinner table, Sameera is very quiet and has the least to say while Meghna can’t stop talking. Physically too, we look different. Meghna is tiny, Sameera is buxom. I come somewhere in between. Yet inspite of all our differences, our ties are strong.

As Sameera is the baby of the family, we tend to pamper her. Now the baby has grown up and become a woman of the world. I remember her as a gawky kid, unsure of herself. I’m so proud of her when I see her now, confident and successful.

Earlier whenever Sam used to run out of ideas with respect to clothes, she would inevitably knock on my door. With time though, she has evolved a personality of her own. She was always my pet. She was this happy-go-lucky baby girl who spent her childhood in white chaddis watching Tom & Jerry.

I was the naughtiest of the three of us and would often lock up Meghna in the cupboard. With her huge eyes she would appeal to the others and I would inevitably be in trouble. Even though she was tiny, she was clever. She knew how to manipulate us and have her way. Meghna lives in New York now. So when we catch up, it’s lots of fun. The three of us enjoy long brunches from 12 to 5pm.

At the end of the day, we know we’ll be there for one another. The core value from my parents has been this ? that whenever any one of us is in need, we have to be there regardless of what we’re doing.


Our relationships have changed over time. When we were younger, Sushama and I were friends and would share confidences. Sameera and I used to fight occasionally. Now though, there’s a subtle shift in the equation.

While Sameera and I are laidback and love to laze around the house, playing with the pets, Sushama hates hanging around inside. This time when I came to visit my family and Sam was away shooting in Hyderabad, I flew down to meet her. I spent time with her on the sets and even ended up doing a cameo in the film. Sam and I have had a re-tuning of our wavelengths.

The three of us are so different that we sometimes marvel at the fact that we’ve grown up under the same roof. Sam loves electronics and gadgets, philosophy and playing chess. I’d never go near any of those. I’m more of a people’s person, in love with nature. Sushama is always on the go ? she loves things like backpacking and trekking.

We have our individual quirks too. Sushama is impatient and hates talking on the phone. I love babbling on. Since I’m away from my family, I can’t stop talking when I call them. Sam is kind of secretive. So if I’d like my sisters to change anything, it would be Sushama’s impatience and Sam’s secretive nature.


Meghna has always been the rebellious one. Sushama meanwhile has been the studious one. But then suddenly, she did a volte-face and entered the glamour business. She was also the disciplinarian and being the eldest, was protective of me. She treats me like a two-year-old even now. I confided more in Meghna though. She was a model then and working full time.

I’ve always been the calm one and furthermore, the most diplomatic. But I’ve always been very pampered being the youngest in the family. I’ve learnt a lot from both my sisters ? from Sushama, her value system and from Meghna, her professionalism.

Sushama and I love mixing and matching our clothes. Between the two of us, we own 180 belts and I have a personal collection of 140 earrings. Meghna is extremely particular about her things. Anyway she is of a much thinner build, so it is not easy sharing her wardrobe.

Soon I will be shooting in Turkey following which, I will hop over to Greece to spend time with Meghna. I am looking forward to it.