A lavish canvas

Designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s sprawling home is crammed with artworks and intricately carved furniture, says Susmita Saha

  • Published 4.12.16
The front door opens onto a vibrant landing that’s dominated by a 200kg brass Buddha statue and decorated with antique Tanjore paintings and Tibetan panels

As one walks in through the doors of Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s residence, the chaos and commotion of Delhi’s Maharani Bagh recedes into the background. The fashion designers, who are originally from Ludhiana, moved here with their son Ishraj, now 15, some six years ago.

“We had decided to shift to Delhi because we realised it has a huge potential for our business. Harpreet identified this property, which is in the vicinity of the Ring Road that connects our showroom and factory,” says Rimple Narula. However, their four-bedroom duplex home, that’s part of a larger house, was in a rough and grungy state when the designers purchased it.

Rimple and Harpreet Narula’s home reflects the designers’ love for art and craftsmanship

“We didn’t hire an interior designer or contractor to renovate the house. It has taken shape organically,” says Harpreet.The front door opens onto a vibrant landing that gives one a hint of what lies inside. Antique Tanjore paintings and arresting hues make you do a double take. Stairs from the landing lead down to the lower ground floor while another, smaller flight goes to the upper ground floor.

The couple is currently busy designing costumes for the three main characters  — Ala-ud-din Khilji, Rani Padmini and Raja Ratansen — in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming movie, Padmavati. So no surprise that some visitors have drawn parallels between their home and a Sanjay Leela Bhansali set! “But our house is not a formal space. It just reflects our own journey in life,” says Harpreet.

The sprawling lower ground floor has a roomy drawing room with an attached powder room, a courtyard with potted plants, a gym, Ishraj’s bedroom with an attached study, the kitchen and the dining area. The upper ground floor has the lounge which is connected to three bedrooms, including a guestroom. Ornate and opulent, the couple’s home is filled with rich artworks, intricately carved furniture, handpicked chandeliers and one-of-a-kind accessories.

The drawing room on the lower ground floor is all about plush furniture, opulent carpets and statement accessories

Their eye for detail marks every space. On the landing, a giant, 200kg Buddha statue in pure brass greets visitors. The landing’s crimson walls are used as a canvas on which a collection of old and ornate Tanjore paintings are displayed. While some are heirlooms, others have been added by Rimple over time. Her favourite is one with a Lakshmi and Ganesh that was gifted to them by her mother-in-law.

The spacious drawing room on the lower ground floor is separated from the staircase by a glass partition. Dramatic furniture and statement accessories display the couple’s interest in art and craftsmanship. A highlight of the area is a heavy-duty table from Nagaland that’s carved from a single piece of wood. Glamorous silver furniture pieces from Udaipur and canvases by artists Mitali Shah and M.K. Puri add warmth to the space.

A chest of drawers with intricate camel-bone inlay work is a showstopper in the lounge

The family lounge on the upper ground floor looks inviting with its plush and comfortable sofas. Rimple says that her priority was to make the space cosy so that her family would be drawn to it. She is practical enough to accept that every individual today loves being in their own room doing their own thing. “But, even if my son spends 10 minutes here talking to me or just chilling out, it makes me happy,” she says.

The lounge exudes a relaxed vibe. Done in cream and blue tones, a huge artwork by Princess Vaishnavi Kumari of Kishangarh stands out on one of the walls. “This is a commissioned work for which I had given her the specifications of the wall,” says Rimple.

A statement chest of drawers with intricate camel-bone inlay work is a showstopper in the lounge.

The lounge is connected to the master bedroom that’s dominated by a bed with a leather headboard. Grey tones fill this room that are broken by the warmth of the wooden flooring. A giant walk-in closet, a new addition to the bedroom, is filled with Rimple’s outfits. A huge TV is another highlight of the room. “I love watching television, especially my favourite 
English soaps including Narcos and Gossip Girl,” says Rimple.

A Radha Krishna brass sculpture that the couple picked up from an art gallery in Delhi is placed near the entrance

The guestroom, connected to the family lounge, has a bed with a blue velvet headboard. Splashes of colour are added by way of bed linen, accessories and artworks. One cannot miss the three Turkish mirrors with vibrant frames on the wall adjacent to the bed.

Clearly, Rimple and Harpreet’s home is a reflection of their passions, their attention to detail and beauty. Rimple says: “As house-proud people, our struggle is to keep the house looking beautiful even as it is functional.” 

Photographs by Jagan Negi