6 ways to rejig the WARDROBE

Diwali is here. You have a new set of clothes. Use them the right way. Get a new you

  • Published 19.10.17

Show what you can’t throw

You never wear some clothes. But they stay on because of special memories perhaps. But if you will have them, use them. Keep them in a place where you can see them.

Have a signature style

It’s great if you have a style. If you like dressing up in a certain way, keep at it, no matter what other people say about your wardrobe. Steve Jobs stuck to his Issey Miyake black turtleneck all his life.You can stick to rings. Buy accordingly.

Use a colour code

Tired wearing the same clothes every day, looking the same? Chase the rainbow. Use a colour code. You may rearrange the order, but choose a colour for every three days. It will make you really dig into your wardrobe and come up with the most unexpected things. Go green the first time.

Get help

Ask your family members, children especially, to help you go through your wardrobe. Ask a friend to raid it. You will see how much conversation flows. Then have a fun lunch.

Make a selfie diary

Take a picture of yourself every day, of what you are wearing. It will be a very interesting, gradually unfolding self-portrait. Let’s start a hashtag?

Choose what’s good

Despite fashion rules and the wisdom of the ages, certain clothes suit you and certain don’t. Wear – and keep – what makes you feel good. (Also applies to people around you.) When you are about to buy something next time, remember this feel-good factor.