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10 YouTube channels you can follow to nurture your green thumb

These DIY guides will show you how to grow your own plants in your terrain of choice
DIY guide to gardening

Malancha Dasgupta   |     |   Published 24.04.20, 02:28 PM

Channel: 5T1 Balcony


Channel: Home & Garden

Channel: City Gardening


Channel: Green plants

Channel: Organic garden

Channel: Garden Tips

These channels will show you how to grow your own plants in your terrain of choice.

Channel: Garden Up

Channel: Garden Answer

Channel: SerpaDesign

This channel is all about bonsai! No, they are not that difficult to maintain if you follow Green plants. Impress people with not only out-of-the-box homegrown bonsais of coconut, rose, potato, tanuki or banana, but also creative planters like upside down planter, bird nest planter, and plastic packet planter.

Ekta had spent a couple of years studying natural ecosystems in the rich jungles of southern India. After returning home, she started missing the greenery, so she took up gardening. From edibles and flowering plants to succulents, she grows them all. Her videos also include indoor plants, seeds, the right kind of pots and planters, and DIY gardening projects. She also has videos on fertilisers, solution for mealybug, plants that can help prevent mosquitoes at home, how to grow mint from kitchen scrap, correct way of watering plants, and low-light indoor plants.

Want to grow your own veggies? Follow Mark’s episodes, The Ten Minute Gardener. You need to have a garden or terrace for this. He uses “no dig, minimum dig, raised bed, tall raised beds and traditional technique” to get the best results for different vegetables like tomato, garlic, spinach, chillies, capsicum, blueberry and strawberry. Those with a balcony should look up the videos on different flowers. From sunflower to tulip, you have quite a choice.

This YouTube channel is all about tips and tricks about gardening like 10 miracles of baking soda and vinegar in garden, 10 important dos and don’ts for your garden in summer, 5 miracles of onion peels in gardening, care tips for aloe vera plant, 8 secrets to get big-sized hibiscus flowers, DIY organic fertiliser recipe, care tips for rose plant, and benefits of neem oil in gardening. You can also get to learn how to identify different plants.

Want to make your house greener? Follow the videos and get inspired to create planters for different corners of your house. From turning an antique dough bowl into a succulent planter, to making succulent fairy garden and hot wheels miniature garden, Garden Answer has a variety of these out-of-the-box ideas for you to replicate. The videos on indoor lighting and tips on how to take care of different types of plants are also very interesting.

Tanner will help you bring nature indoor with his terrarium (a glass container containing soil and plants) and vivarium. From giant moss drip wall terrarium with a pond and cactus terrarium to succulent terrarium, these terrariums are beautiful and no matter where you place them, it is bound to change the look of your room.

If your gardening is limited to a balcony, this YouTube channel is for you to follow. From turning used bottles, cups and containers into colourful pots to detailed guide on gardening, 5T1 Balcony is filled with recycling, instructions and DIYs for your balcony garden. What make this channel even more interesting are the videos on how to grow vegetables in these DIY containers.

Grow your own garlic, tomato, ginger, avocado, sweet potato, bean sprouts, chillies, and onions at home with the help of Home & Garden. You don’t need a garden for this, because this YouTube channel will teach you how to grow these vegetables in pots and bottles. Did you know banana peel fertiliser helps aloe vera to grow faster and that you can remove mealybugs from crop by using ginger as natural pesticide? The tips and tricks videos are also quite interesting.

From petunia to marigold, add colour to your garden with these flowering plants. City Gardening has separate set of videos for flowering plants, veggies, fruit plants, foliage plants, fertilisers, and gardening DIY. This channel will undoubtedly make gardening simpler and successful.  

This YouTube channel has planters for every corner and wall of your house. From indoor water garden and table top plant decoration to money plant wall decor, utilise your time with some organic gardening. Have you ever thought you could use your old jeans as a planter? Yes, Organic garden will teach you how to do it. You can also recycle plastic bottles into animal-shaped flower pots for your kid’s room.

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