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Now Share Your Higgest Insecurities With Now&Me Without Any Fear

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 11.01.22, 10:19 AM

Us Indians don’t always share our feelings with everyone. Some believe in keeping aside their emotions as it is not considered a wise thing to share. Some think they might end up hurting themselves and the most do not have the confidence to open up publicly. Keeping all these in mind, a startup (Now&Me) decided to build a safe space on the internet for empaths to talk about their feelings freely.

To begin with, they installed a small stall in the Galleria market of Gurgaon. They arranged two chairs and a chalkboard in the busy market asking people to share their deepest insecurities. This was to prove how significant opening up on your emotions can be. The known thing about sharing is, people start doing it only if you do it first. So, a member of their own team started things off by revealing his deepest insecurity. The idea behind all of this was to spread awareness and normalizing the opening up of emotions. What happens is, people feel stronger once they have shared their bit because they realize they are not alone in it.

Slowly and gradually, a lot of people started noticing this little, interesting set up. Many common people came by and wrote their own insecurities. The most famous issues were, anxiety, job insecurities, family and friends pressure, body, looks, pimples, loneliness and much more. More than tons of people shared this and they felt much more lighter in doing so. Everyone couldn’t agree more that by speaking up, we feel much more stronger.

The brand also made sure to keep a respected counseling therapist on standby, in case someone wanted to seek professional help, but most of the results were joyful for people to gain power over their troubles.

This little setup turned out to be a huge success as this idea gave a demonstration of how community works online. Drishti Gupta and Bani Singh, the founders of this brand, said, “This was just a little experimentation to see and observe how many people are comfortable opening up to a stranger and we’re very happily surprised with the kind of participation we received.”

This activity was developed by Word Dogs, an innovative agency which works with several startups. Their founder, Nipun Sood said, “It is rather gutsy of the client to take on such a risky and innovative form of marketing themselves. The integration was very subtle yet the pull towards the brand was highly successful.”

The brand in no way is offering an alternative to therapy only promoting the idea of talking and opening up about your emotions.

All COVID related precautions were taken during the activity.


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