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Nimbus: the platform of choice for financial success

ABP Digital Brand Studio   |   Published 08.12.21, 02:07 PM

Decentralized Finance, DeFi, has exploded into the financial scene. DeFi offers the chance to change the financial industry in its entirety and it is because of this that many people and institutions see this concept as the next game changer in a never stagnant market.

Nimbus is an Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based platform that uses the key concepts of DeFi as the cornerstone of its existence. While the Crypto market has seen its ups and downs, Nimbus is determined to prove to users that it is a valuable and secure platform that users can join in order to participate in the DeFi world.

DeFi is the vector that people who seek complete financial independence can use to accomplish their goals. DeFi solutions remove large entities like banks from the equation and allow for direct peer-to-peer contact. Third parties are thus rendered unnecessary and their taking a cut of transaction value through unwanted fees is removed.  “We are now for the first time as a society starting to move away from the absolute need for an institution of any kind as part of a transaction,” said Nimbus CEO Alex Lemberg.

Unlike traditional banking institutions, Nimbus operates fully on Smart Contracts, meaning every transaction is secured by a specific if/when combination that only releases assets when these conditions have been met. Transparent by design, both parties are able to see what is required to release said assets while also being able to personally ensure all potential loopholes are recognized and eliminated.

Smart Contracts are the first layer of Nimbus’ security and the platform is determined to ensure that every transaction whether its peer to peer, business to business, or business to individual is secure and transparent. The strict nature of these contracts means that no assets will be released until the required steps have been taken, which ties both parties to the agreement before any value is exchanged.

To protect against malicious intruders like hackers Nimbus has created a multipronged strategy to protect its platform and users. Already offering a bug bounty for white hat hackers, Nimbus encourages users to probe the software for weaknesses and then report them. There is no test like field testing, and Nimbus takes this philosophy to heart while seeking other methods of security strengthening.

Additionally, the platform is further protected by its blockchain nature. There are no physical assets to be stolen or physical currencies to throw into a bag. There isn’t even a single digital location that could be hacked and drained away. The decentralized nature of the platform means that no one location has every piece of the puzzle.

Users have a secure and strong platform to utilize, and the multitude of options available ensure diversity in gaining value. Whether a user stakes their tokens in liquidity pools to garnet value or through using other dApps to spread their assets around. Nimbus is constantly developing new services and this guarantees that the platform stays at the forefront of innovation in the DeFi market. To this end, Nimbus is even working on creating DeFi solutions and tokens that work with such religious and cultural laws as Shariah, where financial growth must conform to religious laws and beliefs.

One of the most important things that a new user can expect is an environment that allows them to explore at their own pace. Seeing the customer experience as well as a secure platform as the most important parts of succeeding, Nimbus has committed itself to create an intuitive and stress-free platform.

The growing DeFi market is perfect for an individual to leverage for their own advantage. Nimbus seeks to become the first choice in the industry for people looking to start their DeFi journey. Innovation, security, and intuitive design are at the core of Nimbus and with this platform, any user can take their first steps towards financial independence and success.

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