Lost Aadhaar

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  • Published 23.10.17

I have lost my Aadhaar card a few days ago. Is there any way to retrieve it or do I have to enrol for a new card?

S. Bhattacharyaa, Calcutta

• It is possible to retrieve lost Aadhaar number or enrolment number online through the web portal of UIDAI. But the online process involves authentication through the one-time password provided to the mobile number registered with the Aadhaar database. If your mobile is not registered, you will have to visit an enrolment centre to retrieve your card as well as update mobile number. You can locate your nearest enrolment centre on UIDAI website.

Income from mutuals

Is income from mutual fund under monthly income plan taxable?

BD Chatterjee, Kulti

• Monthly income schemes have most of their corpus invested in debt. You will have to check the option you have exercised at the time of purchase - growth or dividend. If the units are sold before three years, there will be tax on the short-term capital gains at the applicable tax slab. If the investment is sold after three years, there would be long-term capital gains at the rate of 20 per cent with indexation benefit. In case of dividend payout, there is dividend distribution tax. Although the tax is not applicable on the investors, it lowers the value of payout.

Form 15H

• I am 81 years old and retired. My annual income from annuities and FD interest is Rs 2.5 lakh. There will be a one time capital gain of Rs 60 lakh in 2018-19. Am I required to submit form 15H?

Jayant, email

Any resident Indian who is 60 years old or will be 60 years during the financial year can submit form 15H if taxable income after claiming deductions is less than the basic exemption limit, which in your case is Rs 5 lakh.

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