Burger battle hots up

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 9.11.14

Mumbai, Nov. 8 (Reuters): Burger King Worldwide will open around 12 outlets in India over the next two to three months, Rajeev Varman, chief executive of the hamburger chain's India unit, today said.

Last year, the chain had announced a tie-up with the Everstone Group to develop the Burger King brand in the country.

In India, the hamburger chain has changed its menu to sell mutton, chicken and vegetable sandwiches.

"In the long run, India is going to be one of the largest markets globally... We will set up our first few restaurants here and use that to fine-tune our operating model before determining our growth plans," said Varman, ahead of the chain's first store opening in New Delhi.

Burger King is a late entrant in the country. Rival McDonald's Corp has been around for nearly two decades and has grown its network in tier II and III cities too.