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By TT Bureau in Mumbai
  • Published 25.10.15

Forex kitty

Mumbai, Oct. 24: The country's foreign exchange reserves increased $458 million to $353.53 billion in the week to October 16, on account of a rise in foreign currency assets (FCAs), according to the RBI data. FCAs were marginally up $452.5 million to $329.97 billion during the period. Gold reserves remained unchanged at $18.15 billion during the week. India's special drawing rights with the IMF rose $4.2 million to $4.08 billion in the week.


Washington, Oct. 24: Remittances to India are projected to increase 2.5 per cent this year, the World Bank said in its latest report, even as weak economies in Europe, especially Russia, are slowing the growth of remittance flows. In 2014, the country is estimated to have received remittances worth $70.3 billion.