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Artist Matthew Gallagher Challenges People’s Minds & Enables Them to Change for the Better

ABP Digital Brand Studio   |   Published 03.05.22, 01:41 PM

For centuries, music has been used for self-improvement, relieving stress, and enhancing one’s productivity. It is scientifically proven to heal broken hearts and strengthen weak souls. The fact is that music makes life a lot better, and musicians have the power to influence millions of minds.

 Matthew Gallagher is a famous musician known for creating music for the mind, body, and soul. Matthew understands that music has the power to invoke good thoughts and actions. The emotional resonance, thought-provoking lyrical content, and its unique way of bringing people together give musicians immense power. And with great power comes great responsibility.

“ I feel I am responsible for the joy and happiness of my listeners. I count it as my duty to lift the ones seeped into the hopelessness of the current age and era. Music allows me to show them the light. It's an empowering feeling, but having such kind of power can be overwhelming as well”.

Having undergone rough patches of life, Matthew is the perfect example of rags to riches story. Many of his early years were troubled by his parent's substance abuse, poverty, and homelessness. While he accredits himself for being able to rise from the slums and achieve a much better and more comfortable lifestyle for his children, he profoundly regrets watching his father’s inability to escape a toxic lifestyle. Matthew’s story could end as a software engineer making more than $100k/year, but he desired a lot more for himself and others who yearned for inspiration in life.

“I was a full-time coder living a fulfilling life with my family, but I wasn't content. I knew of my musical talent, but I also understood the boundless power of music beyond mere enjoyment. My passion for helping people overcome life's adversities led me to pursue music as a career”.

Although Matthew has been in the music industry for only a short time, he has garnered a huge fan following worldwide. As the lyricist of his own songs, his ability to inspire listeners and equip them with the strength to cope with life's challenges is indeed unmatchable. He depicts his thoughts and ideas and highlights the current issues prevailing in the modern world, subtle yet effective. Layer by layer, as the songs progress, the listener dwells deeper into the words, finding hope and light from within.

Matthew’s skillful music composition coupled with deep lyrics is a treat for the listeners. It is the sole reason Matthew topped international charts, created ripples on all music platforms, and induced a change of mindsets.

The music superstar is on a mission to transform the world with his craft, and his fans are anxious to see what more is in store from him.

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