Gaiety at 80 White fight Golly Bolly Muse moment Cannes can

  • Published 3.04.16

Gaiety at 80

Zubin Mehta turns 80 this month, and the world wants to celebrate with him. On his birthday - April 29 - he will be in Vienna, wielding the baton for the Wiener Philharmoniker. But before that, the Mumbai-born conductor will lead the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Mumbai, with three concerts organised by the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation from April 17 to 20. Mehta was in India last year with the Australian World Orchestra. "It's always a homecoming that I immensely love. I hope I can keep coming and performing here," he had then said. Encore, Maestro!

White fight

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth, recently honoured with the Padma Vibhushan, will miss a "milk bath" during celebrations in Bangalore. Last week, a city court issued an order restraining his fans - who celebrate Rajini Saar's achievements by erecting huge cut outs of the actor and pouring milk over them - from "wasting milk over illogical hero worship", when children are dying of malnutrition. This, clearly, is some spilt milk that needs crying over.

Golly Bolly

What's Heidi got to do with Bollywood? Quite a bit, it seems. The much loved Swiss girl of kiddie lit figures in a new film called Heidi - Queen of the Mountain. And the film's crew is almost all Indian. The director is Bhavana Talwar (in pic), the cinematographer is Binod Pradhan and the action director is Sham Kaushal. Talwar, whose debut film Dharm won a National Award in 2007, is keen to give the film, starring Bill Nighy, a "contemporary interpretation". Something like a yodel in rap, perhaps?

Muse moment

What's with Sanjay Leela Bhansali? He was all praise for Deepika Padukone when he received the National Award for best direction for Bajirao Mastani earlier this week. But a little bird tells us that at a party he then hosted, he was similarly gushy about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ( in pic), who, he insisted, was his muse. Is he planning a film with the light-eyed belle once feted as the most beautiful woman in the world? But then he has already signed a film with Padukone and her buddy, Ranveer Singh. Could it be that he's planning - like he did with the 2002 Devdas - a mega film with two mega heroines?

Cannes can

Amateur filmmaker Anirban Guha is on cloud nine - his very first attempt, a short film called Elixir, has been selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner. A banker by profession, Guha says the film - based on a story written by his wife, Sinjini Sengupta - is about a woman and the parallel realities that she lives in and yearns for. Theatre actor, Daminee Benny Basu, plays the lead in the film. "We shot the film in four days in Calcutta but since the technical team was spread across three cities, much of the intense preparatory work had to be carried out over telephonic and Internet conversations. I am thrilled and can't wait to go to Cannes," says Guha. And, back home, people can't wait to see the film.