Easy phone to keep in touch with your child

Working parents and guardians can finally rest easy when their children are at school or with their nanny. A simple phone with no dial pad has just been launched for kids without the addictive screen of a smartphone and sans the gateway to the Internet where your ward can potentially get into trouble.
Surit Doss Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Quake sensors to sniff an intruder

Are you planning a long holiday out of town during Durga Puja but worried about burglars sneaking into your locked home? To ramp up security, you could deploy a CCTV camera that would keep sending feed to your mobile phone all the while you are away. 
Chandana Chandra Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Five years done but the t2 campus team can’t get over Grand Theft Auto V. Here’s why

GTA V in first-person mode is all about speed, be it walking down the street or speeding in a stolen supercar. You feel like you are lost in the beautifully-detailed city of Los Santos
Ravjit Singh Sep 17, 2018 00:00 IST

Four for fun

Apple took the wraps off its new lineup of iPhones and Apple Watch at a special event in Cupertino, California, earlier this week, and I was there ringside to see what the American company had in store for its most personal devices for the year ahead. Having spent some time at the event with each device, here’s my take on which of the big changes really matter. 
Tushar Kanwar Sep 16, 2018 00:00 IST

Three new iPhones are here but stealing the spotlight is the new Apple Watch

On Wednesday night, three new iPhones made their debut at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino. ‘Outstanding’ will be the word that describes the technology inside them but ‘confused’ would be an apt choice of word for the consumer. Here’s how the night unfolded in case you missed the showcasing.
Mathures Paul Sep 14, 2018 00:00 IST

Digital opera!

It’s Tuesday afternoon in uptown Bangalore. The Opera House, at the intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road, is gleaming after many years. The address at which iconic MGR and Sivaji Ganesan movies have been screened had lately been in bad shape with an uncertain future. That’s when a tech giant stepped in, took control and turned it into what could be a milestone in its journey.
Mathures Paul Sep 13, 2018 00:00 IST

Snip and tuck for free

Could you please suggest a free video editor for me? I cannot afford to buy a professional tool for my Windows computer.
Surit Doss Sep 10, 2018 00:00 IST

Meet real people in a virtual world

Social networks are not new to us. All of us have used Facebook or Orkut at some point in time. Yahoo Groups was one of my earliest exposures to a social network and I still remember the excitement of meeting and talking to new people. Avakin Life is a similar experience but within a lush, beautiful 3D world.
Karan R. Gaikwad Sep 10, 2018 00:00 IST

Pop Picks

An online virtual world, this is similar to massively multiplayer online role-playing games but without a set objective. You create an avatar and go to social gatherings, live concerts, press conferences or college classes.You can also buy land (you need a premier membership), go shopping, visit friends and even fly.
Sep 10, 2018 00:00 IST

t2’s takeaways from Google for India 2018 in Delhi as the tech giant turns 20 this month

On September 4, 1998, Google quietly entered our lives and changed the way we function. The company’s search page became the homepage for many. Its Gmail service has become synonymous with mailing, and Google Maps is the go-to app while travelling. The company started with a mission to bring about a change in the tech world. It has. And at the heart of this journey is India, something t2 found out after attending the company’s fourth edition of the annual Google for India event in New Delhi last week. Here is what the Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, HQed company has to say.
Mathures Paul Sep 04, 2018 00:00 IST

We all wake up to a new Google doodle every day. Here are 10 of our faves

September 17, 2011 Occasion: Anant Pai’s 82nd birthday Why we like it: Uncle Pai brought us our childhood favourites, Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle, and we can’t think of a person more deserving of Google’s tribute, especially since he passed away that year. 
Rushati Mukherjee & Ravjit Singh Sep 04, 2018 00:00 IST


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