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Saturday , July 22 , 2017
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DUNKIRK: Nolan at his best

One of the most indelible images in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s brilliant new film, is of a British plane in flames. The movie recounts an early, harrowing campaign in World War II that took...   | Read..

This is Christopher Nolan at the peak of his powers

OOf the many things that stun and convulse you in Dunkirk, the smallest might have the most lasting impact. Early on, as the camera surveys the British soldiers stood along...   | Read..

Biz and beyond

At 27, Shashwat Goenka has become the youngest president of Indian Chamber of Commerce, carrying the mantle that has been passed on in the family over five generations....   | Read..


The Haat Classic in association with t2   | Read..

Got fan theories

Fans have gone wild after noticing that Sansa Stark’s hairstyle, when she confronts Jon Snow about his decision to not punish the Karstarks and Umbers, resembles...   | Read..

Lipstick and she

Lipstick Under My Burkha is such an unapologetic celebration of the inner lives of women that of course our sanskari censor board got their knickers in a twist. The Film...   | Read..

Quirky decor meets fun sip ’n’ bite on wood street

College students on Wood Street have another go-to address — The Fan’s Club at 10 Wood Street. Right next to the Brickwood pizzeria is this 3,000sq ft fun zone...   | Read..


Bringing people together with the power of music were pianist Jennifer Heemstra and vocalist Chelsea Coyne as an initiative of Kolkata Classics. The trust was founded to...   | Read..

Fun not preachy, real not ideal, hilarious even in its misery

Rosy is 55, widowed and a sucker for racy novels. Rosy is the mother of three little boys and nails her sales job. Rosy is a diligent seamstress in her father’s shop...   | Read..

Dunce dance 

His leg is bleeding as he does the final dance in the competition. He had to step in because his girl obviously can’t win the contest on her own. As he struggles, his...   | Read..

Coming up

A show by Abhishek Dutta, in collaboration with Correctional Services, government of West Bengal   | Read..

Bolly to angreji beats kept the party animals on the prowl

What got these PYTs all smiles on July 17 at Tantra? DJ Shadow (below) from Dubai and his high-octane playlist with some of the best commercial tracks to old party hits...   | Read..
DUNKIRK: Nolan at his best
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